so me and one of my friends got in to a fight! It all started when she got a boy friend. And in biology i was gone and when i came back the class started a project in groups, and i wanted to be with my friend because they knew what they we're doing and i wanted to geta good grade on the project. well they were almost done with it and my teacher told us what we could of done so i could of been in the group with them… But i ended up joining another group that didnt kno what they we're doing either, and they we're gone the day the project was handed out too. so we slaped a project together, but we went able to do the video that the project was based off of, becuase the day we were going to put it together they were to busy.. and we ended up getting a F on the damn thing…

you kno when u do a sport, u want ur bff to do the sport with u! she told me last year that she was going to do cheerleading again. and when it was time to sign up she was second guessing her self. and i really wanted her to do it!! and i was talking to her mom and she got her to join! and liz didnt want to do cheer and she told me that she has to suffer through it until march. and now i have a whole month and a week or so to be in cheerleading with her. THIS SUCKS!

this is our first big fights, and my other friend and i have had much more and we r still best friends!!! i hate the thought of losing my friends, because i blame my self becuase this could have not happend if i didnt have her join cheerleading!!!!

How do u kno who ur true friends are after u lose some?????

  1. rocky21 9 years ago

    the only real answer to the above is time
    Ive been through a lot and have seen many people stand by me and walk away
    there really is no sign other then your gut
    And, most importantly, no matter how you feel a true friend will stick by you!
    Im lucky to have found a few stand by me at my worst
    Just remember…..don;t change who you are for someone else

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  2. sarah30uk 9 years ago

    friends come and go but the ones that stick by you through all the crap are the real ones.

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