1.  Say hello to someone
  2. Help someone with the door at store when they are struggling with shopping bags, small children
  3. If someone new moves into town, welcome them.   Ask about where they are from and offer information about where they live now.   Show interest in how they are adjusting.
  4. Keep track of birthdays and take the time to text, or call, or spend time with the person,s send a card whatever works.
  5. Say something kind to someone and if you have nothing nice to say/ Say nothing

6.   If someone gets a new pet, show interest and ask questions and remember the pets name

7.  If someone is widowed, dealing with a regular break up or divorced, take the time to check on them.  Ask how they are doing. Listen

8.   If you see a car accident near your home, take some snacks and a water bottle for each person to the people waiting for the police or sheriff to do a accident resort.

9.  Light scented candles on cold days to make your home feel more cheerful if you have a scented candle that everyone in the home likes assuming no one is allergic to scents.

10.   Make someone’s favorite meal /or dessert when they least expect it

11.   Tell someone what you like about them, what makes them special and how glad they are in your life    Tell them how they make a difference in your life

12    Check on someone who has been dealing with something or going through something    Tell them you care and listen

13    Do a unexpected favor for someone

14  Let someone in front of you in traffic or let someone in front of you who is trying to get out of  a parking lot

15   Say something kind to another person just because

16   Say encouraging words to a parent who is doing the best they can with a crying baby or toddler throwing a tantrum in a store

17    Pick up garbage if you see any while taking a walk (bring a plastic glove and garbage bags

18   Bring up a neighbors garbage can to where they keep it after garbage service takes their trash if they aren’t home

19   Loan a loved one your car if theirs is acting up and you can do without your car even if it just for a few hours or for a work day for them

20   If you have coupons that you don’t plan on using, lay the coupon with the item it is for to make someone else smile

21   Straighten up the grocery shelf when you remove a item at the store.   It only takes a second and makes a stockers day

22   If you go out to eat, when you are done, take the time stack the dirty plates on one side of the table, nest the cups in each other, and then put the silver wear in cups or in a tidy pile next to the plated    Also, make a  pile of used napkins, plastic from fortune cookies, next to plates pile and glasses pile etc.    It makes clearing the table so much easier for a fellow human being.

23   If someone gets a bad hair cut, or bad hair color done, and they seem upset about it, compliment their nice eyes, eyebrows or face shape, or their  eye color.   Sure their hair may not look good but maybe their eyes looks extra bright and what they are wearing is making their eye color pop.   Do not say, “hair grows.”   Instead ask how they feel about it! You can also say ,”Looks like you tried something new.” It will give them a chance to vent if they hate the change.

24.   If someone has a pet that you would never want to have and they want to convert to you to wanting the type of pet, just listen and ask a question or two about their experience with the type of pet or ask the pets name or how their pet is doing.     Then, change the subject.



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