hello i have only this to say lol yeah right quiet you all behave hell no i am not gonna behave that for too long… time….. now need to be bad just bad not evil mad like i need never mind haha sorry best i keep that hush hush ya know some times i do get shy for cryen out loud ahhhh friggen sparky is manic again oh my good gracious me hit the deck take precausions oh give me a break for cryen out loud I dont think i am hurting anyone and if i say omething that hurts you please just come talk with me and if it does not apply just let it fly i am going to be my authentic self if it kills me and it just might its ok i am ok we are all ok life humm bitter sweet it is thanks all who let me vent and ramble no more lock up for me i rather die then be locked up again friggen had 2 more heart attacts oh no some one talk to her cause she will cry what ever i am ok in my uncles or where ever i feel like hiding out just too happy for some people really in the words of my daughter sandra b good not the activist idiot opps sorry bless her blah blah blah blah blah hahaq charlie browns teacher love the peanuts me lol if ya wanna know how i am feeling if you all dont hear from me due to having to yet again tell these certain peeps what is really going on its getting old i mean cripe just hang on to my talons be ok you all matter to me can say more but not right now you who already know and u know take a bullet for ya no word of a lie hey i guess i did lmao only got shot at once hahah got shot in the left buttox run forest run lol sorry omg haa ya know beats drinken not some thing any one want s me to dohaha you dont know if i am gonna table top dance or punch your lights out because you just disrepected a woman in front of me serious my husband used to have to pick me up he would be laughen he was so cool haha alright lil momma hed say all friggen 6 foot something hah all right lil momma sieta lets go home your outta friggen control again we laughed i love to laugh things are so deep and serious for some of us dont speak for others just like ellen says please just be good too each other would not want to be on this planet with out some of you period end of sentance dont worry pray or do what ever you call it ok waiting on my gutiar playen friend to show up….. up need to write and play big time so thats what i have chosen to do put all this old crap the so called negitive stuff out there with the right people very cautious right now not trusting many only the few and the proud dang right MARINEs too lol oh its all bull shit huh lmao what ever its cool i am feeling like a caged cat a big cat good night gracy i ll be around if not go to nite ridders page she willl always know where i am even if she had to cuss me out last night to feel better lol lol oh haha sandra what a awsome person must a done something right and bummz thanks for real for what ask me in pm we ok now my friends please do not worry about me that hurts me to know your worried dont want any of you to feel that way just lean into it i was told many many moons ago i gotta do this RIP ANA AND JD SEE YA WHEN I SEE YA NO ONE SAID THIS SHIT WAS NOT GOING TO HURT THE CRAP THE HURT ALL THAT GARBAGE WE ALL FEEL I MEAN THE REASONS WE ARE HERE TELL KEYA NEVER MIND SHE ALREADY KNOWS YES I AM CRYING I DO THAT NOW AND THEN FOUND OUT ITS A LOT BETTER THEN LOOSING MY TUSCANY BORN AND RAISED TEMPER THERE IN THE WORDS OF MY MUM GO GO NOW GET YOUR BUTT OUT THERE AND DO WHAT IT IS YOU DO BEST ALSO IN THE WORDS OF MY ANEGELIC MOTHER ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND WHEN SHE SAID THAT I WOULD BECOME CALM LAUGH AND TAKE OUT THE TRASH LONG STANDING FAMILY JOKE YET SMART IDEA LEAVE THE POOR THING ALONE HAH OH YA KNOW MY LIFE IS GOOD FOR REAL FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS I FEEL LIKE FRIGGEN ROCKY YOU ADREAN I BEE HEAREN THAT FOR YEARS YO ADREAN WHAT EVER HEARING AIDE PUT OFF TILL TOMARROW BUT THATS OK THINGS HAPPEN IN THE UNIVERSES TIME YEP MAN MADE LAW AND UNIVERSAL LAW HUMM SORRY TO KEEP BABBLING I LOVE THIS PLACE LIKE AND LOVE SOME OF YA LOL WELL WE ARE HUMAN READY FOR MY HIPPY SHIT LOL HELL YEAH I AM PART HIPPY BORN IN 63 IN THE WORDS OF BOB MARLEY EVERY LIL THING GONNA BE ALRIGHT AND ANDIE LOL LOVE YOU TOO GIRL

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  1. jim0340 7 years ago

    I hope it's get better for you, Right now I have a hard times reading anything that is more than a few sentences, One of the doctor I when to a few years ago told me that i had ADHD and wanted me to take more medication, I thought he was just nuts, but what ever it is it getting worst, The sixty was a different time.

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