I had a routine.    It worked.    I accepted that I didn’t have a job and I don’t fit in here in this horrible  small town.

My routine was to get dressed as if I had a dress up type job to go to and leave by 8 every morning.   I went to the grocery and then a thrift store.

A male employee approached me and expressed interest and me said since I wore dresses and came into the store every day I must be looking for male attention attention.   I told him that I am married.    He asked if I wanted to have a affair.   I said no.

Then, he must of told the manager that I led him on or something.   The next day, while I was shopping, I could hear the manager say, “Is she still in the store? She is still shopping for a boyfriend I see.”

I was the the only female shopper in the store.   I approached her and told her that her words and actions reflected poorly on her.

I used to bring in homemade cupcakes 🧁 to the staff once a week and always said hi to everyone both male and female and asked how they were doing.

It is a challenge moving to a closed minded small town who hates outsiders.   It has been 8 years and I have no friends here.  I am hated for not wearing hunting gear to grocery stores or pajamas like almost everyone else.

Thanks for listening.

If someone here in this town would be my friend, they wouldn’t regret it.  I am kind and empathic.   I would appreciate a friend so much.   I am lonely.


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