In the current events happening in my life i fell like I have finally fallen back into a routine that i am comfortable with. I have this routine set for the next few months. I decided to dedicate myself to my work and spending as much time as i can making money to save for myself. Now that part is the easy part right?

Wake up, get ready, brush my teeth, take a shower, go to work, make it through the day, go to my second job, head home, get home take a nap and do it over again.

Im sure that sounds a little boring but I plan on doing this until i get what I really want. What that is you might ask? Honestly I’m not all that sure but I will save and save until I have what i want. i guess i’m leaving it up to myself to find something eventually. Whether it be a person, a job, a place or maybe even a hobby. My options are limitless right as long as I stay away from drugs, and bad people.

I have come across many people who ideas and thoughts are not like mine at all. It more negative or sometimes it more positive than mine. At that point when I realize me and another person are not vibrating on the same octive. I just let them live their lives. I sure do get lonely from time to time.

Some days I wish I had someone to come home to tell about my day, I want to cuddle someone for a few hours after work, I want someone to worry about me, my eating, my sleep and my happiness. isnt that kind of weird? I also want someone to have experiences with. like traveling, eating and exploring. Simple things but the other person also has so much going on in their life too. Two worlds being brought together. At least thats how I see it.


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