I draw upon the knowledge and wisdom taught me by my role model / mother figure in my life.

I think of her remarkable possible influence when I grow flowers from seed.  I see the seedling 🌱 sprout and remember new beginnings happen everyday in life.    It may even be the meaning of life not to miss the little new beginnings verses focusing the endings and challenges.

She didn’t have to be my role model.  I could of just mean the neighborhood child that she had nothing to do with but no.   She put her time, nurturing and knowledge and invested in me.   She encouraged me from kindergarten, was at my wedding in the front row as a grandmother role.   She adored my babies and children and praised my commitment to being a stay at home mom.   She said it was worth it even though financial concerns worried me.   She said she regretted not being a stay at home mom and missing so much of her children’s life.   She would of rather had the memories from her children’s childhood verses the extra money she was able to earn.

I think of her strength when life throws hurdles my way.   She was brave in the face of despair.  She kept moving forward and took life one step at a time:

Yesterday, life threw a lot of challenging variables my way.   I stayed calm and appreciative of the knowledge and wisdom that I draw from thanks to her invaluable gift of her presence in my life.

As a teenager, she “hired” me to be a mother’s helper to her grandchildren when she was watching them.   The money I earned changed my life.   She changed my life in every way.

Now, my role model lives in my heart and memories.  She is only a thought away and always a inspiration.

I am growing flowers from seed.   I feel like she is smiling from heaven and when I see the sprouts break through the soil.   I feel the connection of her joy from her flowers 🌸 on her beautiful porch with flowers.   We sat on her porch swing under the ceiling fan and talked for hours.   I own the memory, the inspiration,  and her investment in being my inspiration carry me through life.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the people who make a effort to make the world a better place.


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