Honestly things have been getting worse and worse… with school. with my family. my relationship. my friends. just everything I am constantly mad at my self and I hate myself more and more everyday… Everyone gets mad at me so easily and every leaves time after time after time and it’s just hard…One of my best friends killed herself 2years and a couple months ago… My dad was never able to stick around… My close friend is in and out of hospitals and crisis units for 2 years… My best friend of ten years almost… yeah she may have cancer… we find out the final results Friday…. My boyfriend may not even stay in my life long because I don’t do the whole sexual thing and he use to all the time…. My mom and step dad are splitting up but my stepdad has no idea… He thinks it’s just a possibility… but it’s pretty much set in stone….. My mother already has a room mate planned and when they are moving in…. she bought tickets to go to a concert and told me she invited a friend because she is not planning on being with him that long. Why can’t things just go right for once? People keep saying they’re not going to leave but in the end I’m going to be alone it’s just kinda obvious I mean if they don’t walk away they die… It’s horrible but I have to deal with it… well I mean until I’m dead…. Which honestly hopefully a car hits me sometime on my way home and I die… I can’t really take my own life but I can’t stay… I get hurt I get bitched at… I am sick I get bitched at… I’m sad I get bitched at… And no I don’t want all the pitty me but I don’t want to be bitched at 24/7 It’s too much to handle…

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  1. brokensideways 4 years ago

    I feel the same way sometimes, so just know you are not alone

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