lets see it goes like this (well let me say this first) i have only been with three women in my life sexual so hiv can happen to anybody be careful back to my story my first wife left me for a guy on the internet which was ok in retrospec because she was not happy in our reletationship and she need to find her way Then came the second wife after about a year being by myself this one was a different story i loved her like i love no one else in my life she was my world but she had some issues that i couldn't fix  Had been just us maybe i could of helped her more but we had a child and he had to be my priority she was putting him in danger so i had to get he out of that sitution i have felt guilty for a long time for not sticking it out but she gave no other option Let me back up here we found out we were hiv pos just before he was born so we did everthing we had to do for him thank god he is neg and well that leds me back to us i was wanting her to stop taking chances with are lifes but the drugs were to much of a draw for her and she would do whatever to get them that i could not fix so its just me and my son trying to get through life dealing with a bad thing but he dosen't know i have hiv and i don't know when i will tell him i am health doing good  i guess what i want poeple to get out of this is life dosen't stop for hiv so you keep going  relish the happy times embrace the sad to its what makes us grow as human beings may someday someone will come my way and we can make each other happy in this life everboby has a story all equal in hurt and pain but there is always hope i have to believe that its how i keep going that and the greatest son in the world thanks for reading this maybe it will help someone deal with their hiv knowing there are storys like theirs all over the world        

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  1. toddscat 14 years ago

    Wishing you & your son a  wonderful future! thanks for sharing.


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