This is so stupid. OK, so soon the season for my work is supposed to be starting up, I had worked there 3 years previously. Anyway, last year ended terrible. My old manager quit and a new one moved in. I was so excited and we got along so well. Then, I started getting into fights with this one manager who told the other girls she knew that I had stolen her jacket, and she fell for a customer's scam (the customer held $100 in her hand but only gave me $40 so I gave her $15 back but she told the manager that she gave me $100 and she screamed at me when I had no $100's in my till). Anyway, the big manager, the location manager, was big time friends with this girl. And this is where it all started.

I'd been dating another manager (OK, so this place has a whole whack of managers), for 3 years. He was not a manager when we started dating. Anyway, a lot of girls assumed favourtism and he got into fights with them. I didn't always know. One day, he wrote a bad report on the other manager who I said claimed I had stolen her jacket. She had messed up on another girls till and my boyfriend wrote it down. The location manager, thinking the other girl had been me, freaked out on me. I had no idea.

So, regardless, another girl claimed to me that I was ganging up on her. This was news to me. I think she was mad because I was claimed a 'supervisor', (despite not getting a raise), and she wanted to be one. She quit. Supposedly because I rolled my eyes at her?

Anyway, this year, the season starts up again in 3 weeks, and that Location mananger started a private Facebook group inviting certain people back. He didn't invite me. He invited other girls who started problems. But he didn't invite me. He invited the boyfriend — that's how I had seen it.

I need a job. The owner had said I could come back but he doesn't run things. He's not making the list(s). It's probable that the location manager just did that on his own. I don't know if he forgot to invite me (he seemed to have invited everyone else), but I had heard he didn't invite some girls back because of drama and I *think* he means me? Is it just a coincidence?

Anyway, I'm bawling. It's so stupid. I feel like everyone thinks I started things when I didn't. I feel like it's unfair he favours and believes some of the girls over me. I feel like they (the girls), ganged up on me and he fell right into it. I hate people thinking negative things about me and I hate that I'm over reacting. I don't know for sure what was said, but he's definitely said to my Face before: "I have to watch what I say to you or else you freak out." But that's not true! All of the girls 'freaked out' at some point!

I hate being singled out. It's not right.

What should I do? Where do I act?


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