i again have reached a point where i am tired of fighting. i want someone to come save me from the personal hell i am in. today has not been so good today. its been pretty bad today. i know no one is going to come and save me from this, and i just need to pick myself up again and fight again. its hard to find the strength and the motivation to do it. its getting harder each time i get hit with this crap. i just need to find some how to get back up. its hard when there is no one here in person who understands i mean you guys on here are awesome but its kinda hard to give a hug trough a computer, and no one here to give me a hug and pat me on the head tell me its ok while i let the tears run down my face while knowing the kind of trauma i go through daily. this freckin disease is taking away it seems like everything i like to do or want to eventually end up doing. its really hard. i have a lot of health problems a long with the ocd and other mental health problems too. things are just a little overwelming right now. its getting hard to get back up and search for that light in this tunnel of darkness. i really hate how things are going. i feel like my entire life is total hell right now…. i really need to find that light again even if its just a pin prick i can work with a pin prick of light. just something to help me get back up and fight. i am just so tired of fighting this and i have no motivation, i feel like i ran out of petrol. i need to get up and fight the ocd more but lack to movtivation to do so….things are tough right now. i really needed to vent thank you for your time.


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