It happened last week. He suddenly ignored my messages for no apparent reason. We suddenly just stopped talking. We used to play online games together and hang out sometimes. But it just stopped and I blame myself for what had happened. So,two weeks. He started to ignore my messages BUT at least he gave replies like "i'm busy sorry" "I have no time to on" and such stuff. After a while,I started texting him but this time,it was more worse. He just really ignored it and ignored me on online games which it actually pissed off. I lost control and deleted him off skype. I know the decision the was immature and stupid. But I was just sad how he treated me this way. I have to admit that i had a slight crush on him and he liked to tease but idfc. then,he added me back saying "why would delete me" and i said "idk I'm sorry" then he said I made a bitchy move and lied to me about having no time to on. I only got to talk to him for 30 ish seconds and he just went offline but he doesn't delete me. I felt so guilty but at the same time I thought he deserved it anyway. I need to get over him. Are there any ways to get over him? Also,I've sent him some messages saying I'm so sorry and such stuff because I love him as my bestfriend and really don't want to lose this great friendship. Unfortunately,he still doesn't want to reply the messages till now. My heart actually broke. For now I'm done trying to get him to talk to me. I'm just done. Please give me some advices on what i have to do now. :/ i can't get over this crap! Honestly,I miss him. I wish I didn't do it. I think I was being clingy to him because like I said,I had a crush on him. Ugh. I hate being this way. I wish I was so clingy to people I like. 🙁


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