Ok so back in high school I started seeing my son's father (Nov. of 2004). We have a 16 month son together and were once going to get married this Sept. The month I got pregnant he started cheating. He then continued to do so a total of 4 times (that I know of). The last time he cheated back in November it put me over the edge and I had a breakdown. So the last time he paid for anything for our son was when he was like 5 months old. He never once paid child support. He moved out this time last year. He lives less than a mile away and only see's his son for a few hours maybe two times a week but never after 3 pm. It pisses me off. Not to mention the fact that he works as a produce clerk at a local Krogers. That store is closed for remodling and all the workers are at new locations. There is another store down the street where he worked for one week and then asked to work at one farther away where his friend (female who he really likes) and now works mornings since she does. He refuses to move to the one closer again or to work in the evenings some days to help with our son. He even has a chance for a promotion when the store open's again but he is thinking about staying where he is because she may. He owes me over $3000 and says he can only pay me $20 a week (bull shit). He also is highly addicted to porn to the point he looks at it every day and sometimes lies about it. Oh and he also refuses to go work in the evenings at least one day a week so I could go back to college in the day one day a week. He is such a selfish son of a bitch and there is no way I can get him to sign over his rights as a father. I feel stuck and frustrated about him.


 We just recently split and what did it was he felt that there is no room for emotion in the bedroom. That really hurt me because I feel that making love is important in a relationship but to him sex is nothing more than sex. I understand that sex can be fun and sometimes just sex but for a relationship I feel like that bond is a must. He is such a dick.


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