I recently just moved in with my boyfriend. Things are going ok i guess. Been a few hiccups along the way but we're still here so i think these hiccups arent much to dwell on.

He was just talking about how people dwell on things too much these days and how if they just pushed it to the back of their mind and got on with their life they'd feel better. My argument was that not everyone is lke him (for example me) and she said yeah but you're a drama queen and i told him to fuck off.. and that caused silence until bedtime..

My point is not everyone can push their problems to the back of their mind and get on with their life. If everyone could do that there wouldn't be such a thing as depression and we'd maybe life in a better world. But then again.. is it all that healthy to push problems to the back of your mind? Will it not come back and haunt you one day and then you'll be back to square one?

He really hurts me sometimes and just doesn't understand why and how.. I know he doesnt mean bad, but he just doesnt think sometimes before he opens that big mouth of his.

An good example of this: He said to me that vaginas are so ugly and he doesn't like looking at them, but sex is ok.  Personally this is the first time I have ever hear a man that isn't gay say that vaginas are horrible. As a woman that offended me alot. It didn't make me feel very good about myself at all. It would be the equivalent of me saying he has a small penis (he doesn't ;)) that wouldnt make him feel all that good inside either. 

Men are shite…

  1. TomSchmo 14 years ago

    Well just about that last thing where he finds vaginas to be gross, i can relate somewhat. I have always been grossed out by the inside of the human body and in health classes when they would talk about sex, i would always get anxiety attacks, and the vagina is something that fell into that category of things on the human bdy that just sort of grossed me out. And birth was also a huge thing that got to me too, as it does for alot of guys i think. And its also like how its an opening to the human body that can gross him out, like an open wound would gross people out.

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  2. bexxx 14 years ago

    So how come you can have sex with it without complaining?It doesn't make sense to me..

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