This maybe triggering to some people. I also have bad grammar.

Carter awoke in a cold sweat, gasping for air he thought “Why that dream again?” “I can never go to bed without having that dream.” he said still gasping for air. “I will be king soon and these can’t continue.” he states before laying back down and falling asleep. Across the kingdom in a small town, a peasant named James was just getting home from work. He works at the local mill. As he walks in his two kids are there waiting. “What are you two doing up?” he asks. The older one who has long brown hair and freckles all over her face responds. “Are we gonna have to go to bed hungry again?” The smaller one who has short dirty blonde hair with fair skin adds on “When are we going to get food?” James looks at them with a heaviness in his heart as he hands them the little bit of food he was able to sneak out. The two kids share this moment of happiness before realizing that their dad has none. “Dad… are you going to be okay?” asks the boy. “Here have some of mine.” says the girl. “No, I can’t it’s for you.” he responds.

In the morning Carter woke up to sunlight piercing through the satin curtains that were covering his windows. As he got up he asked himself “Where is everyone?” Then his eyes laid on some clothes that were laying out and a packed bag of old clothes. He jumped up wondering what the bag was for. After he got dressed, he went for a walk around the castle. As he was walking around he saw a servant watering the plants at the foot of some stairs. Then he walked into the library to find his mom reading a book. “Hey mom.” he says. “Oh, hi… your father wants to speak to you.” she replies. “But where is he?” Carter asks. “Most likely in his study or in the garden.” When he found his father he was in his study: “Father, you wanted to see me… oh and why is there a bag of rags in my room?” His father laughed and said: “My dear boy you must learn what it is like to be a peasant to understand a peasant.” Carter just stood there shocked at what his dad just said. “Is he serious?” “Does he really expect me to live with THEM?” he asked himself. Then he stormed off to his room in disbelief.

Back On the other side, James has been at the mill for 2 hours now. His kids are at home trying to think of a way to surprise him when he gets back. The boy suggests that he go out and get some flowers while his sis cleans around the house, she agrees. After a few hours, they are both back at the house and the house looks about 5% better than it did. The boy suggests they move some of the furniture, she agrees. After four hours they give up and just sit down to wait for him to get back. As they do they here a horse and know that the only stable is full they rush to help the stranger find someplace else. The girl asks “Where are you going to stay?” The strange man replies, “I have no place to stay, I was just planning to keep going.” The girl giggles then says, “You haven’t been this far out before, there are no more villages or towns out there… this is the end of the kingdom.” He seemed taken aback by that but recovered quickly. “So… you\’re saying I can either turn around or settle here.” Her brother chimes in “Well, there is technically more to the kingdom but it’s all abandoned, we actually lived out there before…” “Before what?” the man asks. “We’re here!!” yells the girl motioning to the rundown stable that just so happens to be behind their house. “Okay… oh by the way my name is…” he begins to say, then remembers that he can’t say his actual name. “My name is Conner.” he finally says.

In the middle of the night, “Conner” woke up drenched in sweat to find the kids standing over him and whispering. “What is happening to him?” asks the girl. “I don’t know, but where did he come from?” the boy asks. “You could just ask me.” Carter says. “OH!!” says both kids in surprise. “Sorry…” says the girl. “Kids I’m home!” Shouts James. “We’re in here.” says the girl. “Hey guess what.” He says. “You got paid?” They both ask. “How’d ya know?” he asks as he walks in with one small paper bag. “Cause you always ask that when you get paid.” said the girl. “Wait… who is that?” James asks, pointing at Carter. “Oh, this is Conner he got here a few hours ago.” says the boy. “What!!” shouts James. “Your kids are nice, you raised them well.” Carter says. “Kids go to your room.” James demands. “Please don’t be mad at them they were just trying to help, and I plan on paying you for any inconvenience.” Carter stats. “What… but… no one out here has much money.” James says. “Well, let’s just say I’m not from around here.” Carter says while pulling out a small satin-like bag.

In the morning Carter wakes up drenched. “Wait… it was their dad… in my dream… why?” asks Carter. Then the door opens and incomes the kids and their dad. “Come on that money didn’t just show up here.” says Edyn. “Yea, who gave it to you?” asks Delmar. “Oh, your up… wait have we even told you our names?” asks Edyn. “No, you haven’t…” Says Carter. “Oh, well my name is Edyn and his name is Delmar.” says Edyn. “Oh and this is James, my dad.” Edyn adds.

The next few weeks went by pretty fast. Carter continued to pay them for their troubles. A few questions were asked, but nothing much. “If you aren’t from here, where are you from?” asks James. “Well… umm… I kinda came from further in…” Carter says. “Hey how about we take turns asking questions?” Carter asks. “Okay.” says James. “So, where did you live before?” Carter asks. “He… yea… umm, it wasn’t really anything… it didn’t even have a name.” James says. “Do you know who the king is…” Asks James turning away from Carter. Carter hesitates but then replies, “Uh… yeah, I actually know all of them even their son.” James looks at him with shock in his eyes, “What do you mean their son!?” “Oh… You didn’t know they had a son?” Carter asks a little taken aback. James gets up from the beaten up chair and walks to the window, “Does it look like we get news.” He continues before Carter can even think, “We used to be so close together but now it’s every man for himself… the last bit of news we got was get out we traded the land for money and weapons.” Carter just gets up and heads outside. “What have you two done to this kingdom?” He asks the wind.

The next morning James wakes up to a few small bags of money and a letter written in fine curvy writing. He recognized it as soon as he saw it. It was how the royal family used to write. The letter read: “I am sorry to inform you but I have left and most likely won’t return. You may recognize my writing so please forgive me for the inconvenience and any trouble my parents may have caused. I am going back to talk to them about this all. P.S. my real name is Carter.” James drops the note and picks up the bags, “Carter… hmm, but why now why after all that has happened… why now?” Then there is a knock at the door. When he answers he sees his boss with a paper in his hand. When he looks at the paper he sees that it says he won’t get his next pay for the next two months. “What, no this can’t be right, can it!?” He exclaims. “I’m afraid it is… upon further inspection, my boss found out food has been slowly decreasing after your shift.” His boss states. A few weeks later he was fired because of his age and work records. After that, he started to ration out the money so it would hopefully last longer.

In the castle, things aren’t much better after confronting his parents. They put his room on “high security” because “he learned too much”. But, that didn’t stop him from attempting to escape. Then he got the idea to convince his mom to let him have dinner with them. After dinner, he will just sneak out. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned and now he won’t be able to come back like ever. He stole a horse and some money then took off for the town.

By the time he gets there, James has been put in jail for theft. Edyn and Delmar are trying to get a job even just for 1 coin a week or two. Carter just feels that it is his fault. He went to the rundown jail. “Hey.” Carter says to the man standing guard. “Hey, who are you?” asks the man. Carter scoffs and replies “My name is Carter Woods, son of Lyra Woods and Chris Woods.” The man laughs “Yea, and I\’m rich.” “Really.” Carter says as he holds up his family photo along with his family crest. “What… no, wait why would you care about us lowlifes?” He asks. “Because we all are just human.” Carter says as he continues down to the jail. James is sitting on a bench in the far corner of the cell.

Carter couldn’t sleep that night. It may have had to do with the fact that he’s starting to have feelings about these people. Or the fact that he just got a letter saying that if he doesn’t come back to marry Lydia they will burn the town with the people in it. He was just about to get up and go for a walk when he heard a creak. “Oh, sorry I didn’t know you were up.” says James. “No, it’s alright I was just about to go for a walk.” Carter says trying to hide the paper. “What is that?” asks James. “Oh, it’s from my father… you know about my arranged marriage.” Carter says. “Can I read it?” James asks sitting down next to Carter. “Oh… umm sure, but  what you read has nothing to do with who I am so, please don’t let this change how you think of me.” Carter says. “Oh… okay.” James says looking confused. As James reads the letter he feels a heaviness in his heart, he isn’t sure why but he is sad for Carter. As James finishes reading he asks “Who is Lydia?” “Oh, Lydia is one of the princesses of…” Carter mumbles. “What?” asks James as he leans in closer to hear. “She is one of the princesses of ____.” Says Carter turning to face James.

The next few days went by slowly. But with each day a new letter came. The last letter said: “If you don’t come the kingdom will suffer. The kingdom needs a king and you are our son. You can bring your little friends just run them by the kingdom first so they can get cleaned up. Lydia is already here and no matter what this wedding is happening.” Carter and James were shaken by just how mean the king actually is. But they decided it was best to go. So, James got the kids ready while Carter got the horses.

When they got there they went into the castle together but were separated by servants and other people. All of them knew that the next time they would all see each other is at the altar. Carter didn’t like the fact that he had to marry Lydia of all people(not just because he’s gay). “Why do I need to wear this again?” Carter asked a servant. “Because your father wore it on his wedding day.” They say. “Oh, okay… well… umm… oh hey, do you think this looks good on me?” Carter asks trying to stall. “I don’t think I should say.” says the servant. “You look so handsome my son.” says his mom as she walks in. “Oh… yea, well I don’t think I can do this.” Carter says. “Pre Wedding jitters?” she asks. “No… I don’t like her or… girls.” He says mumbling the last part. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” She asks. “I… I like… someone else… I like…” He starts to say but is interrupted by his dad. “Come on son you can tell her after the wedding.”

As the people fill in he is looking for James and his kids. He finds them sitting in the middle of his side. James looks sad, but then the music starts. The music plays as Lydia heads down the aisle with a small smile on her face. While Carter is cursing his father for this. They make it through without any objections and then they leave together.

When they get to their room Carter locks the door. “Oh, well… I really thought we would wait but I guess if you want.” Lydia says as her eyes dart around the room. “Lydia… I can’t do… this with you.” Carter says turning to the balcony. “What do you mean… we’re married aren’t we?” She asks confused. “Yes… but this, this isn’t me… I\’m sorry.” Carter says looking down. “Hey… you know it’s okay to be you.” She says then she adds “You can have mistresses… if that’s even what you’re into.” “Oh, okay…” Carter says. “You know I even have other people that I’m with.” She adds with a smile. “But… what about kids?” Carter asks. “What about kids?” Lydia asks him back.

Somewhere in a neighboring kingdom, Stephen gets a contract. The contract says you have a week to kill Carter Woods of _____. The reward will be worth it. “Oh… this is going to be fun.” the assassin says. “What’s going to be fun master?” someone asks. “For the last time Zane please call me Stephen.” Stephen says turning to Zane. “Oh, right.” Zane says looking away. “Hey Zane, fetch me my stuff.” Stephen says as he folds the paper. “Right away master.” says Zane.

Back in the castle, Carter awoke drenched with his wife next to him. “What were you dreaming about?” She asked. “Oh, it was nothing, just a little nightmare.” Carter responds kinda out of breath. “Carter please… I am your wife, you need to confide in me.” Lydia pleads. Carter just gets up and walks onto the balcony. “I… I don’t even know you.” he manages to say. Lydia gets up and walks out with him. “We can get to know each other.” She says as she embraces him.

At breakfast, Carter excused himself early, with no intention of returning. Lydia knew that too so she followed to find out what he was hiding. He got to the stables and took a horse, she did the same. When he turned she turned. When they got there she got confused. “Why is he here it’s out in the middle of nowhere?” Lydia asked. As Carter got off his horse Edyn and Delmar ran up to him. Lydia couldn’t hear what they were talking about but was too scared of being seen. Then, James came out and told the kids to go back in. Carter and James stayed there for a while just talking before it hit her. He was at the wedding, he is the person Carter cares about. But then a twig snaps behind her and all three of them freeze. Carter is the first to look over and see her. But, instead of any of them being mad, James invites her in. Carter was kinda mad she followed him but he forgave her and then told both James a Lydia about his dream.

It was in the woods at night and he was being chased by this thing. No matter how fast he ran the thing was always there. And no matter where he turned he always ended up in the same spot his last one began. In a field with this cloaked man. The man said one thing, “This will be fun…” and that is where he would always wake up. It had been going on for a week before he left for the wedding. “Oh, Carter… what do you think it means?” asks Lydia. “It’s probably nothing but what was the other dream?” asks James. “Oh… well, you see it’s kinda about you James.” Carter says.

It began at night in the field but something was off about it. James was there with a woman, but they both looked sad. Then in a cloud of smoke the woman disappeared. In their place was a box so he opened it and then he was in a washroom. he could hear laughter so he opened the door and there they were again still sad. he blinked and she was gone, but James was sitting and crying. Carter tried to reach him but it changed to a grave… but Carter was the one in the cascate. He looked at “his” hands and saw dirt and blood on them. Then he woke up.

“How do you really know it was about me?” James asks. “Because the grave said your name and when I was in the washroom I got a good look at your face.” replies Carter. “How long was that one for?” Lydia asks. “It went on for months.” Carter says laying down. “That is until I meet you.” He says looking at James. “What did the grave look like?” asks James. “It had an angel on the tombstone… but it looked sad, under that it had your name scratched into it and there was blood splattered on it…” Carter says before he closes his eyes.

Some time at night Carter wakes up to a creak. He turns his head to see a shadowed man standing a few feet away. The man was holding a hatchet, but seemed to be scared. Carter not knowing what to do just layed there. Until he started to hear wind rush. He had just enough time to look before “WACK”!! When he came to he was by a river tied to a small tree. “Ugh… where am I?” Carter asked. “Normally I would just kill you, but you are the king.” Stephen says. “What, who are you!?” Shouted Carter. “Me… Oh, I am no one.” Stephen responds. “But you, you are the king… so why are you out here?” He asks. “Aren’t ya here to kill me?” Carter asks as all fear fades. “I am, but I wanna get to know you better.” Stephen says as he turns around. “Wait… you.” Carter says. “Me what?” Stephen asks walking toward him. “You were in my dream.” Carter replies as he finally looks around.

It was too dark to really see but he could tell there was another person. Although he couldn’t really see them he knew what they held. “If you\’re gonna kill me, can I atleast know who you two are?” Carter asks. “Why?” Stephen asks looking at Zane. “Because I never did a thing to anyone, so I deserve a little bit of honor… don’t I?” Carter asks. “You can know his name…” Stephen says pointing to Zane. “His name is Zane.” Stephen adds. “Well… hi Zane…” Carter says looking at Zane. “Master why do we have to do this again?” Zane asks Stephen. “Because we got the contract, and we need the money.” Stephen responds. “If it\’s money you need, I can get you money.” Carter says with a little bit of hope. “But it would be fun to kill you, I mean after everything your parents did.” Stephen says. Carter was shocked but knew he needed to survive, “Hey, if it’s revenge on my parents you want… I can help. Stephen looked shocked but asked, “Why would you help us kill your parents?” “My dad is the one you want, without him my mom is powerless…” Carter replies. “Okay, so kill your dad but not your mom, what so she can sell me out?” Stephen asks getting mad. “N-no she will never even see you… you can follow me back send Zane in with me, then he can sneak you in while I distract my mom.” Carter says in a panic. “Hmm… this may just work, but I will need help getting around servants.” Stephen says. “Leave that to me master.” says Zane.

When Carter gets back to James house the sun is starting to come up. “When we get there go to the back, there is a crawl space under a window, get in and then you will have to wait for Zane to open the door to the little dungen…” Carter says to Stephen. “Okay, anything else I will need to know?” Stephen asks. “Oh, yes he will either be in his study or in the garden, also avoid the library, lounge, and gameroom.” Carter says as he mounts his horse. Stephen and Zane get on Lydia\’s horse and they all headout.

“So… why do you want your dad to die?” asks Zane. “Because, he was never there for me, he sold a friend\’s land, forced me into marriage, and he threatened to kill my friends if I didn’t do what he said.” Carter replies still looking ahead. “But do you really want him to die?” Stephen asks. “Why should that matter, it’s not like I\’m doing this for the crown.” Carter says looking down. “Okay, well there\’s no turning back now.” Stephen says looking ahead.

When they reach the castle Stephen slips off and walks to the side of the castle as Carter and Zane go inside. Stephen makes it to the back and is looking for the crawlspace. The windows on the back are arched at the top and are too high to see into. There is a little leagde sticking off the windows and the stones in the wall are mossy. As he walks something in the corner of his eyes glints in the sun. When he looked over it looked like it was just part of the wall. But as he examined it even more he found that it was actually the crawlspace he was looking for.

With Carter and Zane they had just got in when they got off the horses. “Okay, like I promised I will show you around.” Carter says to Zane as he leads him into a hallway. “So, the door is in the farthest room on the right, you will know what the door is when you see it.” Carter states. They both head in different directions, Carter heads for the library to see if his mom is there.

When Zane gets to the room he sees a servant cleaning some cups. “Oh, I didn’t know anyone was going to be in here.” the servant says. “Oh, no your fine I was just looking around.” Zane says turning to leave. “No, servants aren’t supposed to be seen except at meals and events.” the servant replies as she sits the cup and rag down. “Oh…” Zane says. “Well, I should leave if I am seen with you I could be thrown out.” she says as she leaves. “Okay, now to find the door.” Zane says.

As he\’s looking around he sees, a painting of the king, a weird rug, a quite long cabinet door with a “lock” on it, and a rocking chair in the corner of the room. Zane walks over to the cabinets and tries to open some of them. Then he looks at the weird one. “Knock if you are there.” Zane says as he walks to the cabinet. Knock Knock! He squats down and undoes the lock. “Why did you take so long?” Stephen asks. Zane just shrugs.

*I will update as I write more of the story*


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