I had a dream last night about my classes.  I dreamt (is that a word?) that I had skipped so many classes that I missed a major assignment.  I was sure to fail the class.

It was like my college years all over again.  Except, I am taking classes and a I did miss both of my French classes last week.  And, I have to take a test that I missed, but I’m not ready for the test.  I am not ready at all.  And, I’ll have to take it tonight.

And, I’m not passing my Bio class.  And it’s at a freakin’ community college.  Maybe I am dumber than the average person.  All these years I thought I was above average in intelligence. . . but maybe I’m not.  Or, maybe I’m just getting passed up.  Maybe each passing generation is just that much smarter than the earlier one. 

I’m beginning to think that experience really and truly counts for nothing.  Sorry McCain.  The younger generations know more.  They really truly do.  And, what they don’t know, they’re smart and logical enough to find a way around.  And, I’m only 28!!

I skipped my class on Wednesday so I could do some shopping and last minute preparations for my wine party on Saturday night that my husband and I were hosting.  I made so much food!

I had cheese wheels, cheese wedges, a cheese & cracker platter, a home made cheese ball & crackers, a bowl of chocolate truffles, breadstick twists with a buttery parmasean cheese spread I made, a loaf of home made bread and dinner rolls.

NO ONE CAME.  We had up to 17 people at one point saying they were coming.  In the end, NO ONE CAME.

I have no friends.  And, what’s ironic is 2 years ago my husband hosted a Thaksgiving dinner.  He had about 30 people attend.  This is when he and I first met.  Now he’s married to me and he has no friends anymore either.  This is what I’ve done to him.  Somehow I isolated him.  He was so popular.  What have I done?


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