I have been talking to a neggie for about a month. Texting back and forth and I told him right up front I have hiv and claimed it was no problem. He and I have been friends for about 5 years now online and just this past month getting closer. Texting and talking on myspace.  But I have noticed any time I bring up meeting him  (even in a joking manner) he avoids it.  So today I was thinking about my vacation with my son for the summer and made a remark about what town does he live close to (or work to I can\'t remember exactly how i put it) well I get no reply.  I texted later in the day again no reply. I texted again later in the day again no reply. So finally I am thinking wtf and I msg him on myspace and I saw he read it and again no reply.  Why do people say they are ok with hiv when they really aren\'t?  Why play games with peoples head?  I mean I have told him many times his friendship is more important than anything and if he was not cool with it just to say so.  He claimed it didn\'t bother him but if not why ignore someone continously when they bring up the matter of meeting in person?  I mean it is ONLY friendship so what is the harm in meeting in person?  Is he afraid to catch it if I cough on him? I mean wtf?  Anyway to say the least I will not be going out his way for vacation.  No sense in making plans to do so for him to flake later on closer to the date that I arrive.

  1. Loki 14 years ago

    I’m sorry Nonner, I think that it’s more a matter of some people not being honest with themselves. And if they aren’t honest with themselves they ceratinly be honest with others. Perhaps this man assumed ( and that is a huge word) that there was little to no chance of meeting you in person…That made it "safe" for him….not just physicly  safe but emotionally safe…I’m sorry for you dissapointment .Some people just aren’t ready to face any deep feelings….but  a brush off is still just rude!

    If it makes you feel any better , and it probably won’t immediatly, I once got a "dear john" email from a guy I had dated for 4 years!  Talk about no balls! lol

    Trust me,  I was chapped, but I already knew before hand that it was for the best. Huggs , Loki

    PS: I’ll come over and do sock puppets if it will make you laugh 🙂

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  2. nonnerdeen 14 years ago

    Well I got a text from him saying good morning like nothing happened.  I then go to myspace and there is a msg replying to my email asking if he was mad. He said "omg lol no I am not mad"  He then went on about something about his phone was acting up and he had to go buy a new cable for it today.  I dunno if I believe him or not and really don’t care at this point but he did tell me how far that place is from his home.  Maybe it was me overreacting or maybe I am just finally seeing the signals.  I am just gonna keep talking to him and NOT mention meeting and see what happens. After all we have been friends awhile and that is what was really important to me anyway.

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  3. Loki 14 years ago

    Smart move Nonner…I’d just play it cool and see what happens… It’s not like you’re desperate…I still say that if he is a skunk then HE’s the loser ! When the right person crosses your path….nobody will have to do any chasing on either part….you will either want to be together …or you won’t …simple as that. 

    I know that there is a potential someone out there for everyone….Don’t know if I believe in the pre-destined thing or not, but I really do believe that there are those out there that are a perfect "fit."  Nobody will have to tell you when it happens.
    Lots of Love, Loki

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