The Media wants to write an Article about my present Life & Business. A point in Life that I thought would never come. I hope that you can see this from Heaven my Love. I wish it would've happened sooner so we could've enjoyed these days together. I miss you so much, nothing really matters yet w/out you in my arms.
12 to 15 hour days are taking a toll in a monumental Flu Season. I kicked it on my own, but it returned w/ vengeance. As soon as it turned into a Bacterial Infection, Doc prescribed an Antibiotic & it was immediate relief. Valentines Day was good, but it should've been better. These Storms don't help anyone & shuts down everything.
When I wanted to go public w/ my story, reluctance was evident. Life today wouldn't be the same if I would have done so. I still will go public, but I need to make my notch in this World before doing so. As a successful Entrepreneur, my story will be highlighted due to the success of this venture. Unfortunately, it takes this kind of notoriety for interest of any kind. Especially when involving something w/ such a Stigma. We are a forgotten component of Life now, & it will take a major impact to bring us in the spot light again. Regular testing & practicing safe sex is the only way ( & no sharing needles ) The Virus is picking up speed again, & the youngish feel that Antiretrovirals are the answer. Just cause I'm coming up on 31 years doesn't mean these youngsters will have the same luck. In fact, they wont unless their Parents Genetic backgrounds dictate differently. It will probably take a major story from a public figure to place HIV in the headlines again.( Unless Obama screws everything up w/ this Obama-care )
My career choice is back in full swing, & it will probably send me into AIDS. Only then will I go public, & people will have have no choice but to hear about this guy who transformed his career while living w/ HIV over 31 years. Not until then will people listen & dig into their pockets to catapult the Cure & a Vaccine to end this once & for all. No one knows what we go through except us on a daily, but once we're headlined again, people will know. People will help. People wont be in fear of us anymore. The next Magic Johnson please step forward


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