I was told by someone that possibly if I communicated to one of the toxic people how hurtful their actions have been towards me that it could help.

I did so…

Toxic person is officially t o xi c, has very extreme narcissist traits, doesn’t care about the hurt they have caused ,is manipulative,  cruel, a user and may be flat out evil in summary.

Cutting this person out of my life is complicated by ——-  ——— ———- ———-.

Oh, and I reached out to other toxic person connected to me by ———- ——- ———.  “This person” gas lighted me and avoided eye contact .

Yet, I can’t totally cut these toxic people out of my life due to ——-  —— ——- ——— ———.

I will work on officially giving up on both of them for being horrible human beings with no redeeming qualities.



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