A new year is upon us people. We all made it through chistmas even though we all swore it was gonna be a nightmare. Does that mean anything? Hell no! God forbide we might celebrate some kind of acheivement. Seriously, we need to put the things we know into action. I know the weather blows and we're all fat from eatin turkey but all this lack of motivation and self hatered will keep you in the same hole your in now. Exercise daily, eat as healthy as you can, make time for real relaxaion and stop self medicating! Smokin pot and drinkin beer will not help your problem. Take a break from that for awhile. I'm tired of hearing about anxious people who think booze will make them feel better. Its actually bringing you down more! ALCOHOL IS A DEPRESSANT! Anxiety is fueled by depressing negative feelings! Eat fish (omega 3 is an anti depressant), Drink lots of water (dehydration causes alot of sensations that trigger anxiety), Eat magnisium rich foods (works just as good as lithium for bi polar disorder), Take a multi vitamine (Vitamin C and B12 combate depression and anxiety). Alcohol and tobaco strip the brain of B12. You ever notice how much worse your aniety is when you wake up with a hang over? AHHHH makes sence now!. do these things. Sorry ifmy tonesounds a little harsh. I'm just trying to give yall the christmas kick in the pants. One thing all axious and depressed people have in common, LACK OF MOTIVATION! We all work out and eat well for a week and soon as we feel a bit better we quit. Then when the feelings comeback and are somewhat bearable we just stay in that zone. You can be 100% better. You don't have to settle for the 30% you have right now. Get motivated, make a list, phone a friend or do a 50 50 or something! Just make a plan and stick to it no matter what. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY CRAZY FRIENDS! LOL


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