*My earlier blog was a bit on the negative side, so I decided to post one that’s a little more upbeat. This one also does a good job of showing the bizarre way my mind works. I actually think like this. 🙂

“The paths fork and divide. With each step you take through Destiny’s garden, you make a choice; and every choice determines future paths. However, at the end of a lifetime of walking you might look back, and see only one path stretching out behind you; or look ahead, and see only darkness.”

-Neil Gaiman

Destiny, is it real or just wishful thinking?

Is this thing known as fate set in stone or is it more like a loose guideline of what our lives could and should be?

Are there signs that point us in the right direction on this “path of destiny”, or are we all just wandering about aimlessly in the endless maze known as life. Sometimes when I look back on my life I see small coincidences that seem too great to be random. Often I think about these coincidences and wonder if they are meant to gently guide me toward some grand destiny in life. They stand at certain crossroads in the life maze to give direction to what would otherwise be completely up to chance.

Do these signs really exist or are they just a figment of our imagination? Perhaps deep down we know where we want to go in life even if we don’t admit it to ourselves so our subconscious creates these “signs” for the benefit of the rest of our stubborn mind.

Maybe the combined forces of all of our minds are the culprits behind these signs. Often times what we become is a direct result of the people around us. Life would probably be easier if we could place our own signs at various points on our individual path, but fate doesn’t seem to work that way. Or own paths constantly cross over and run parallel with the paths of others so it seems logical that these individuals would have some hand in shaping our destiny.

Could a supreme being, or perhaps some greater force, have a hand in all of this. Maybe a council of supreme beings decides our fate, of course they must first get approval from the Supreme Supreme Being**. For all I know, our fate could be decided by a dwarf who sits in a small office at the center of the universe. Unfortunately, office bureaucracy often gets in the way leading to destinies that are incomplete or only decided upon after the person they belong to is long deceased.

The scary thing about the maze of life is that it’s so easy to get misdirected. In a perfect world the signs would be crystal clear and easy to follow. We’d all be heading for that great place in life known as Extraordinary, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. It’s easy to take a misstep or misread a sign and head off on a path to Mundane. The path to Mundane is easy enough to follow. It has none of the bumps, potholes or potential dead ends that plague travelers on the road to Extraordinary. This path does, however, contain a major annoyance that bothers its travelers. This annoyance takes the form of a travel companion known as Regret. This frustrating companion does nothing but nag and berate travelers as they journey towards Mundane. Even if the travelers don’t listen to his comments they still know that he is there and his presence makes their journey a fairly depressing experience.

What do you do if you find yourself on the road to Mundane? Do you continue on this easy but unfulfilling journey or do you make the difficult decision to change course? Unfortunately most paths leading off of this road are dark and scary. The unfortunate traveler can’t be sure of where he’ll end up if he takes one of these paths. It may lead to Extraordinary or it may lead to that horrible place known as Failure. Uncertainty and fear of these other paths keeps many of us on the path to Mundane, but can we really be happy on this path? Even if we make a left turn and unknowingly head down one of the roads that leads to Failure at least we can look back and say we tried to find Extraordinary. We can take pride in the fact that even though we never found Extraordinary we spent our whole lives searching for it and that, in a way, is extraordinary.


**Recently many supreme beings have been questioning the existence of the Supreme Supreme Being. This belief really came to a head when a rebellious supreme being published the controversial “The Origin of the Gods” which theorized that supreme beings evolved from lower supreme life forms.


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