So I’m back after a while… It’s been months.. I know.. but I have been dealing with a lot. I got a job and that’s been going well… But my home life hasn’t gotten better and I’m struggling with urges that are really bad… I have cut twice in the past month or two… And have somewhat been doing ok till now.. I’m having a really strong urge rn and it sucks.. I hope everyone is ok.. I also got hit by a car Saturday.. it backed into me and nothing major happened… Ive just been really sore…

  1. proanamia 7 months ago

    I’m so sorry to hear your home life is difficult for you right now, and especially sorry to hear about your accident! Even if just a minor one, I can see how that would make you super anxious. I hope you start to feel better really soon <3

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      empatheticshadow 7 months ago

      Thanks car vs. body doesn’t feel good at all.. my side is doing better from when they hit me. I’ve just been overwhelmingly tired and I think that’s part of the reason

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