I have been in a anxiety/ depressive state off and on for about two months now. I have four really close girlfriends that I tell just about all of my problems too. One day, I was at work and I had an outburst toward one of the four girlfriends that I tell everything too. The reason I had an outburst is because I have been telling her my issues since things have not been going right with me and my health and I felt as if she pressed me to hard from time to time. What I mean by this is that she had invited me to a couple of places one of the times, I told her maybe, then she texted me asking if I would go still and I said probably not, we’ll see! The last time she called me on the phone and said “This is the last time I’m going to ask you if your coming out tonight?” I told her, “no because I had just got started on a new medicine and I don’t know how it will make me feel.” She says, “Bro please, I never ask you to go anywhere so please come out.” I said no and she just says whatever. My biggest issue with that situation is that every time I say no she always presses me to do stuff like No literally means no. Needless to say after I had my little outburst she said ok I just won’t talk to you for the rest of the shift and I said ok whatever. So the next time we seen each other, after that day, we were at her house hanging out with the rest of our friends for one of their birthday’s and her and I were cool. A couple of nights later we talked about the issue that we had earlier that week and she told me she felt as if I was being a butthole and I told her that I was not I was/ am depressed and didn’t want to do anything but lay in my room and I only socialized when I was forced and she said, “why didn’t you just say that?” I said, ” You and I have a different level of connection, so I thought you would’ve gotten the hint by the way I was acting.” Moral of the story is people are not mind readers, so you have to communicate directive so that other person understands where you are coming from. Which I know is easier said than done when your going through something! In order to maintain a healthy, stable friendship communication is key!


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