I've been out of full-time permanent work now for 2 years last Thanksgiving (I do work 4.5 hours at a veterinary clinic each week). About 2 months ago, my sister (A) from Florida gave me the generous and loving gift of hiring a career counselor for me. I've never been fired from a job, in fact I was promoted 4 times at one job and once at another. I've only had 3 jobs in the 30+ years I've been out of high school. The reason I am out of work was because I chose to go to college full time, then my (now ex) husband left me so I had to quit school to support myself. I've probably applied for 500 jobs over the past 2 years, only getting a handful of interviews until my career counselor helped me redo my resume and reinforced my job hunt. I've also worked some temp jobs during this time, some were crappy, some were not.

My other sister (B) is 10 years older than me, and is once again out of a job. She was firedabout 6 months ago for falling asleep in an empty classroom at a college where she was in housekeeping. The job before that was obtained through my dad (no longer living) at a veteran's home – she was fired from that job too. In fact, I think she's only had one job in her life that she quit in order to move to Florida. She is a special needs person but also has a lousy attitude toward life. We (the family) helped her pack her belongings in town, dad drove her to Florida and flew back. When she had to leave Florida, dad took a flight down, packed her up, and drove her back and we helped her get stuff unpacked. When she came back, dad helped her find a place to live and yet another job. She doesn't want to apply for jobs, she wants someone to find a job for her – dad always did. I've tried to help her fill out applications because most are online now, and she has use of Voc Rehab to help her find jobs too. She has never once thanked me, or for that matter anyone else, who has helped her over the years.

My oldest brother got wind of sister A giving me this wonderful opportunity. He was all over her last weekend about why she didn't give sister B the same opportunity. I can't believe he stuck his big fat nose in where it doesn't belong. Sister A has never asked him for one red cent to help pay for the career counselor, and chose not to discuss it with him before she did. I am so sick of this brother butting into my life. When I called him to tell him my husband left, he said, "Well, you'll get over it," and that's the exact quote. There I was with my life falling apart and that's all he said. When I moved out of my marital house, he lectured me on housekeeping.

My dad had his hip replaced in 2003. I was working at the time but went to his condo every day to help him get around and make sure he did his therapy like he was supposed to. He had a serious car accident in 2005 and I stayed with him for 2 weeks (while not at work), to make sure he could get everything he needed. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and I went to every single doctor's appointment and chemo treatment with him. I stayed with him overnight when someone needed to after invasive out-patient tests. I arranged for hospice when it was time, spent every day with him there, and I (along with 3 of my 7 sisters and 2 of my nieces) was with him when he died. Where was my brother during all this time? He lives 2 hours away but still could have come more than the 4 or 5 times he did (total) during all of these instances.

I forgot to add that my sister (yet another one) has been helping to support me while I've been out of work. She sends me a check each month and after paying monthly bills, I have $167 to pay for groceries, gas, and other stuff that comes up – like my brakes needing replaced, my cat getting sick (and that was cheap because I work for the vet!). Since I work 20 miles from where I now live, it doesn't go very far.

At this point, I don't really care to talk to my brother again.


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