Hey. Its me again! I know it sucks right? I am really going to try to write everyday and post pictures and quotes. So I decide to tell you about myself. Stuff like my hobbies and what I like to do. WARNIN! IM A VERY BORING PERSON! Well I am 13. I turned 13 on September 12. I live with my amazing grandparents. Even though I have everything a girl could ever ask for but I’m not happy. I don’t know why. I like to do stuff like sing and dance. I also read, draw, and I love mud riding. Im a country girl. have lived in the country my whole life and I grew u around with my boy cusions. I have always wonder  what went wrong with me. like my big brother Chris is amazing. he makes straight As, he is in jrotc, he boxes and he is a great person. so is my little sister. then me on the other hand…….. Im the ugly sister, unwanted daughter, invisible girl, I’m nobody. I have always told myself that you have to take the bad days to make the good days even better. but I always have bad days, never good.  See?!?!  This was meant to be positive but it turned depressing. I just don’t know what to do with life anymore. I mean I’m only in 7th grade and one half of the school thinks of me as the bisexual emojified freak and to the other half I’m invisible. I just wanna disappear. I don’t belong in this world ask anybody. I just don’t know anybody. I am going to pray for those having a hard time. Stay strong. Try to think positive. Just ignore those who don’t care because if they don’t love you for you then they are dumb.


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