The trust and turns of life led me here.

Everything could be better and it could be worse.

All we can do is to move forward, we can’t go back to the past.

The betrayals hurt and the reminders of them live in my aching heart.

We can only control what we can control in life …

So; I breathe, sleep, bathe, get dressed, eat, drink water, take life one step at a time.   Maybe time heals and it all gets better.

Betrayal and the cruel twists and turns of life….

Bravery and strength are moving forward even if your heart is broken and you feel disappointed with your life


  1. robertjames101 8 months ago

    Hey! it will be healed eventually…It happens at times that we feel so broken that we start to lose hope. We have to remain strong and calm in order to see what is coming our way. God has a plan for everyone and we have to wait for that with patience.

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    • Author
      lacey7 8 months ago


      Thank you for your encouraging words!

      One of the people who betrayed me reached out and apologized!

      I am feeling better now: I am growing flowers abd veggies from seed: Also; taking up some sewing , sketching and knitting again.

      I appreciate your encouragement! Thanks again!

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