I am tired of faking being more comfortable than I am at work. Having social anxiety and having to do customer service at the same time for years now has taken a toll on me.

My doctor is also my boss which has led me to feel hesitant in telling her more about what I’m really feeling. Although I have recently been considering holistic approaches to my anxiety and depression instead of more medication which is all she’ll give me.

Im also applying for jobs that will consider my mental health history so I’m trying to keep the severity of my anxiety and depression hidden.

Im just exhausted. I need support from people who understand.

  1. privatenurse06 2 years ago

    I understand hiding your anxiety and depression. It is just the fact of having to hide the real us to save explanations that no one could understand unless they’ve experienced and save what dignity we have left from being someone’s pitty or words of demeanor. Keep going, you’ve got a plan that sounds doable one small step at a time. Your further along then I am, no doubt.

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  2. purplepebblesmyka 2 years ago

    I can relate to you a lot on trying to in a sense not be who you really are and hide your social anxiety. My mom always signs me (and my siblings) up to do things in our community, including but not limited to; church activities like helping people with their kids, getting me into a 4h group, I guess I’ve just experienced it in a different way then you since you are older than me and I know that my mom was just trying to get me to socialize but it can put a lot of stress on my introverted persons.

    And to combat this I’m trying to get a career that can be mostly based at home so I don’t have to talk to people I don’t want to. I think I get a lot of my anxiety from feeling like I’m going to embarrass myself when talking to people… How about you? In which way does your anxiety manifest itself in your day to day life?

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  3. lecourage 2 years ago

    It sounds like you might be happier in a different job. Is there a possibility for movement in your office? Hugs

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