Today wasn`t a good day.

Last night i had a bad dream and i woke up feeling scared and alone.But i wanted to get over it so i continued my day.

I ate breakfast,watched a movie(it usually calms me) and then i had to go to college.

I got dressed and leaved the house but then i arrived at my bus station and it was full...

I felt like everyone was watching me, judging me ,laughing at me and i didn`t know what to do .

I tried to calm down telling myself that nothing is going to happen, none of this people know me and they will leave me alone.

I got on the bus and my feelings grew, i started feeling dizzy so i sat down and tried to calm myself, it worked a little but then my station arrived and i had to get off the bus and started walking to my college but as i walked i started thinking that there are going to be a lot of people in my class and i couldnt manage that.

My dizziness grew and my hands started shaking...i didnt go to college today, i had to go home.

I couldnt even take the bus back home...

I had to walk with my mom on the phone trying to calm me. I am really dissapointed in myself but i hope that tomorrow will be better.

The reason i`m writing this is because i just wanted to share my story with someone.

And to tell you that if you had similar experiences then you are not alone.And we can try and hope togeter for a better tomorrow.

P.S. : English is not my first language .


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