Loss of my dog


On my wedding anniversary my dog disappeared. It’s just me in my animals. I don’t have anybody close to me my husband and I were not talking.


I came home after a 17 hour shift to find out my dog was missing. I was devastated I was crying I kept in calling for him I had the whole entire town looking for him.


I searched for him every day I was rubbing the back of my heels from walking so badd that I was bleeding. I was kicking myself becauseI thought that I had locked him out of the house and he froze to death. I wish sure it was because I had to go to work early and my co worker called off work and I hated him because of it

4 weeks into my search I started smelling something. I found my dog in one of my hoarded rooms. I was relieved to know that he died in a warm safe place. I was so embarrassed I didn’t tell anybody that he was found in my house And I couldn’t find him because the Room was so packed.. I had to bury him because again I was afraid to bring him to the vets because I was embarrassed because he was already kind of soggy… And I didn’t wanna explain that I lost to move my house… But again it was a relief… That he didn’t die scared alone cold like I imagined I would…. Those weeks were torture.

It killed me

9 days earlier the only cousin a has been close to me passed away.


It’s after my cousin and my dog, Is when I reached out for help again.  I was destroyed at night really needed help I have no support

4 months earlier than man that of his dating and I was in love with and I still love him…. Ghosted me. .. After 4 years of dating straight.


 Next is part 3… My husband




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  1. ladylaurenstars 2 years ago

    I lost my dog last year. I was so upset. I rescued him, but he got realy sick. I am in the middle of a divorce now. My sister is a hoarder. It took me a year to pack stuff up and move in into storage facilities that I talked her into. I am so sorry about your dog. Mine was buried at my old house in WA. My X who hurt me made a grave sign for him. He alteast sent me picture of him. He was my Post traumatic stress disorder pet. I adopted a cat though now. I walk her on a harness and in a stroller.

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