I think, I think a lot, hell I think way too much. Ruminating is what I think the thinking is called. Besides the act of chewing cud (really that's part of the definition), ruminating/rumination means deep thought, think deeply over. Well I believe I have, not the cud part, the thinking. I've read a few positive uplifting blogs recently. One really struck a cord in me – "no one can imprison us and deny us of anything while we have the gift of imagination, and fantasy" – "There will always be hope if you imagine." It was the imagining hope that got me.

Hope: n. confident expectation of something desired: likelihood of something desired will happen. v. desire, expect.

I don't feel much like an uplifting kind of person, not one bone in my body feels optimistic, unless you mention hope. But I do imagine that with enough hope inside of me I can help lift someone else's spirits. Hope is the key in that, mainly for me, I guess. To imagine hope, to begin to feel hope, to have the strength to share my hope with those around me. If I have hope for myself and those around me, life will lighten up a little, right? That is if the hope is contagious and not in a completely icky virus sort of way.

I have planned a couple of tattoos in my next life, or maybe the current one if I can find a decent artist. There's more to the design, but mainly the symbols are the focus. The Kanji symbols for Hope, Love and Peace. Hope is to remind me there is more life out there in the world – I just have to go get it. Love is to remind me to love myself as much as possible and to never give up on true love. Peace, well Peace is something to hold deep inside of me – to remind me turmoil will happen everywhere, but I have the ability within to calm myself and keep the turmoil further at bay.

It all started with Imagination, which can bring hope, peace and love back into life.

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  1. ladygreen 11 years ago

    Enjoyed reading your blog.  I identify with the overthinking / obsessing / trying to fix it –I often struggle from obessive thoughts which result in becoming stuck in negativity.  

    Thanks for sharing the quote.  I read blogs but had not seen that one.  I do believe hope is the vital key.  It is weird, there was a line in an old Daniel Boone espisode I saw today, "Hope is the only thing that seperates man from the animals". 

    I like you explantion of Peace-the ability within to calm myself and keep the turmoil further at bay.

    Again, thanks for sharing this.  Yet another example of you helping me. 

    Take care of you.



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