I hate you. I hate you for being fake. I hate you for getting to be normal …at my expense. You’ll never know or acknowledge it and I hate you even more for it. You are all trash, you all look so nice, but you get that illusion by dragging down others.

I hate that I’ll have to see you in 2 weeks. I hate that you’re my only "friends". I hate that I will have to perpetuate that. I wish no happiness upon you, ever for what you’ve done, how selfish, mean and catty you’ve been. I would have rather that you all pulled a brutus and plunged daggers into me on the colloseum floor.

I don’t have any outward scars to show what you did, how you used my depression to beat my non existant self esteem down even more. I don’t trust humanity, I don’t trust anyone, I hate you for making me so bitter, being bitter and hating you, looking at you as trash is the only way I could survive. You couldn’t live a sane life thinking that people who cared about you did those things, were so merciless.

No one can see my scars but they burn into my flesh every day. I hate that you are getting what you want, that you’re getting away scott free. I never want to see you again, but I have to. I wish the worst on you, but I would never be apart of hurt done to you, I’m better than that, better than you in that respect. I won’t pay you back because that’s how I sleep at night, knowing that I did not do what you did.

I hate that I will have to pretend that I forgive you, I don’t know if I ever will, you disgust me in every sense of the word. I don’t know how to purge all the hate that I have toward you ignorant, self important, lying, heartless bitches. I don’t know how and I wish I could find a way to get rid of the hate, because you don’t even deserve an iota of my time or energy.


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