I get my son on the weekends…….every weekend and i absolutely LOVE having him. We are the best of buds and two peas in a pod. He's been living with his dad for the past 5 years now and I wanted him to come and live back with me 4 years ago after i got settled into my new place and job. His father started making the rules for anything and everything that was going to go on with my son. I was suppose to get him back within 6 months, Then it was a year and a half, when school was over. Then he said when he was 13 he could make up his mind. Now it's when he's 18 he can do what he wants.

So this weekend, I get Austin, he tells me that his foot is sore and I asked him for how long and he says since Monday or Tuesday. I asked if his Dad looked at it and he said yes that he told him to walk it off. But he didn't do anything to his foot. His small toe was turning black and there was a red streak going up his foot and his leg. AND HIS DAD TELLS HIM TO WALK IT OFF?!? WTF………

So I took him to the ER last night about 130am. They were confused as to how he got this since there was no point of entry. No cut, scratch…nothing. They put him on a strong med to get it under control….He's doing better now in just the 18 hours it's been.

So my sister, who is friends with my son's step mother, has informed me that there is some type of infection going on inside of their house. And she thinks it may be MRSA………well now I'm wigging out cause they know what's going on and they allow him to come to my house with this infection/virus and my daughter is 8 months pregnant and me and the two grandchildren……wth?

And so this same sister tells me that the Dad has been very agressive towards the step Mom and that there was a huge fight over there last Tuesday and that she witnessed it and he scared the hell out of her son and my son. He apparently lunged at the step mom and there was a friend of his there that stopped him from hurting the step mom. So in the mean time my son has been witnessing all of this verbal and now physical abuse.

Earlier this week also, while my son and him were home alone. The two of the three dogs started fighting and my son ripped them apart but one of the dogs bit hiim pretty badly and so the Dad beat the hell out of the dogs. Grabbing one of them up off the floor and punching him hard continuously.My son is mortified now.

So after one or more of these continuous fights, Dad goes in to vent on my son telling him things that he shouldnt really be telling him. So now my son is terrified to go home.

After careful consideration and checking out the law and calling the popo, i have decided that I am taking custody back of my son. It's my job to protect him no matter how small it may be……he needs to know that I love him, I support him, and I am ALWAYS there for him.

I'm not returning him to his father tomorrow night!!! And i'm going to the court Monday morning to file a petition! He's 13 he can make up his mind and his mind say MOM.

I'm not going to be yelled at or taken advantage of any longer!!!


Blessed Be!

  1. Andie372 10 years ago

    Good for you taking charge and getting your son out of a bad situation. Just be ready for a fight with your ex. But you are strong and caring and I know you can do this.

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  2. flowermantis 10 years ago

    You sound like a great mum, stay strong and I wish u the best.

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