In conclusion

In conclusion, it may be remarked, that a national bank, by reason of its large capital and superior credit, may render aid to the government in time, of war, that would be impracticable to a voluntary association of state banks. From present appearances, indeed, the federal government, being unencumbered with a public debt, and possessing ever- growing resources from increasing numbers and wealth, would find no difficulty in borrowing any sum of money its occasions might require; but it still might obtain tory burch shoes loans from the national bank on tory burch sale better terms than from other capitalists. The most opulent nation now on the globe, and one which, tory burch outlet in spite of its enormous public debt, can borrow money on better terms than any other nation, has still found very great accommodation from its national bank; and, on similar emergencies, so should we, from a bank of the United States.Having considered the objections to a national bank as a commercial and financial institution, let us now examine those of a political character. The doctrines of tory burch flats political tory burch flats economy must never be at variance with the principles of national policy. But, in applying this test, the reasonings of the political economist should be obvious and direct. By subtle and refined theories, those defects which attend every thing human are magnified by our microscopic views into odious and. frightful deformities, and we may thus deprive ourselves of substantial benefits through the fear of imaginary dangers. One of the urged against a national bank is. that it tends to increase the power of the moneyed classes, and, by thus embodying it and imparting to it unity of action, we enable it to impede, and even thwart, the government in its most salutary and important functions.


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