On Monday, I was sitting in 5th period and all of a sudden my heart started breathing really fast. Like, REALLY fast. I had trouble breathing, I became light headed, and I was shaking. Coach G. felt my pulse and he said it was really fast, and if I didn’t calm down he’d send me to the nurse, no questions asked. So, I didn’t tell him it happened again.

6th period it happened too.

7th period I ask my theater teacher if it’s something to be concerned over (it never happened before), and she sent me to the nurse. She took my blood pressure, checked my pulse, and even while calm I still had an irregular pace. I had to call my mom and she said tell her if it happened again.

Stupid me, I told her it happened again.

On the 22nd, I’m going to have to go the stupid doctor and possibly get blood taken. I HATE needles. Spiders scare me, but needles absolutely terrify me. I wouldn’t let them get blood last time, and so when I go this Monday they’ll probably check my heart rate and take blood and I’m scared to death of it. 

See, I’m never okay with going to the doctors. I lie my way out of it, pretend I’m fine, anything to not go. If I had the money I’d see a phsycologist or something ’cause they don’t prod you with needles. We only have enough money for medical doctors, not mental, so I can’t get the help I actually want.

This is probably pretty bad, but I don’t care what’s going on with me. I don’t care if it’s something to be worried over. If it hasn’t killed me yet and if I feel fine when it’s not happening, I don’t think it’s something to be worried about. But no, I have to go get stabbed and get half my blood drained out of me and I’m freaking out about it. I really, really, really hate needles, and I’m probablt going to have to get one stuck in me for twenty minutes ’cause I can’t lie my way out of this one. Great.


  1. qwerty 13 years ago

    It sounds like you”re having panic attacks. i”ve had experience with them and it sounds really similar.

    I hate needles too, sooo much. If you”re getting your blood tested, ask about getting a ”numbing cream”.

    good luck babe


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  2. Unique_person 13 years ago

    I dunno. I”ve had panic attacks before, but it doesn”t feel like those… It feels weird and different. O.o


    But they have "numbing cream"? Like, where you can”t feel the needle or anything?

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  3. qwerty 13 years ago

    Hmm, well it could just be a huge feeling of anxiety in general. i”m not too sure but you should get it checked out.

    yeah i used to have loads of blood tests and i DESPISE needles so i asked the doctor for numbing cream. you put it on the area where the needle will be inserted about an hour before and i felt the needle go in, but i never felt any pain, so it really did help alot.


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