The title of this blog post is called Downloadable Depression for a reason. It is not because you can achieve it by clicking a link or even by receiving it from a friend. Depression, for me, was a heredity bug that crawled its’ way into my system to gradually corrupt my hardware. My hardware, being my mind and soul. Over the past few years this bug has caused me to hate the way I run. I stutter and fail; I get overheated and crash; and I freeze and lag. This bug has been inside me for so many years that it has caused a virus to leak in. This virus is called anxiety. Now the bug and the virus have taken over my system and work together to break me. Sometimes when I am awake, it feels as though I am sleeping. I wonder what it is like to be clean and new?

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  1. lecourage 2 years ago

    That is so well put 6unnie. I often wonder how it feels to be clean and new too. And it does feel like a bug has crawled in and won’t leave and has slowly invaded every part if my body and mind. Take care. Lecourage

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