Life has taken some twists and turns downward.   All of the things that have happened were not in my control.

The only option I  have is to know that things happen for a reason.  I have to accept it all.   The only action is heal and accept my current reality.   I have the option to heal my heart, rest, eat healthy, move my body daily, take my vitamins, make the house look nice, smell nice, make the house extra clean, maintain my appearance etc.

It’s seems unjust all the things that that I have endured and survived.  We all are thrown obstacles and challenges.

I am grateful to be a wise and emotionally strong person.      It will be okay.   Right now, I am healing and look forward to better times.

The site is only letting me type and send the blog but not attach pictures

Image a picture of  a frog 🐸 or flower 🌸 verses the generic blog image

Thank you for listening.  You helped.


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