Toxic in-laws and my alleged birth family members would just love if I would;

get depressed

Not take my vitamins

Not bother taking pride in my appearance

eat unhealthy and develop preventable diseases (doesn’t always work for everyone) We all do our best.

not move my body enough,

Act insecure and want their approval

Change for the worst (in my opinion) and become like them (I am imperfect but at least not “like them.”)

Not smile enough and get hound dog face wrinkles verses smile lines like they have

Be too sad to laugh

Not take pride in my appearance

Not find joy and appreciation in everyday life’s little and big memories

Not enjoy hobbies and interests

Not continue to acquire wisdom

Not love knitting, reading, taking care of my beautiful house plants, growing flowers 💐  for summer from seeds

Not being kind to butterflies, toads 🐸 and frogs that easily can drown in our pool (in- laws with a pool opt to let frogs and toads drown in their pool on purpose verses rescuing them and providing a emergency way for them to escape drowning that works most of the time)

Not treating our dogs 🐶 in a pampered way (warming up dog food, water dish in all main rooms for them, walks, and lots of love)

Not make sure the house 🏡 is well decorated and keep improving it and maintaining home very well

Not keeping house very clean

Not enjoying all my pet Beta fish and not bonding with them

Not keeping up with fake lotion tanning, whitening teeth, trimming my hair, painting my nails and toe nails,

Not making our home beautiful and clean

Not cooking delicious food and healthy as possible desserts

Not looking pretty for my husband and having dinner on the table when he comes home

Not lighting scented candles 🕯 to make the house smell lovely

Not enjoying time with my husband and being grateful that he goes to work to pay the bills

Not having regular body movement with intention of having good health, body toning and using hand weights to look my best

Not skipping earrings and accessories with my dresses when I dress for husband coming home from work

Not wearing my husband’s favorite dresses on me

Not keeping up with laundry and putting it away

Listening to them about they want dh and I not to work out and give them power in life


Instead. I appreciate that they are the way they are (not hiding their hate) and for the fuel they unintentionally give me from being them to cause me to push myself be the best version of myself and live my life well!

I thank them for taking the energy to talk badly about me and spread lies in the community. It means that they are willing to waste that energy on me, verses using the same energy on themselves and improving their own lives!

I hope everyone here feels loved, healthy and content and knows that they are enough! Negative actions, words, etc from others reflects poorly on them, not you!




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