So i really want to start creating a dream book. Stories, pictures, hopes, special crafts inside. I have now a sense of agenda and ownership on my physical space. I have a right to property. I am in fact real! I’m not absent. Im accounted for. I have a odd way about me still. I don’t like the bright lights of viva las vegas. Of course that makes you dull. I want to still hide and nurture the spirit. It needs time in the dark and rest of course. It needs to be fed ambition and a whole lot of a nature.

What is this dream book? How does it begin? I guess glue. I guess sicciors I could never spell scissors.

Oh can’t forget to mention. Well done to my dog. He was a great sport today. He jumps flew caught his new balls. He was very well behaved in the shops and around town. His calm and happy energy was noticed by a few animal lovers passing on the pavements. He got lots of treats and excitement today, It helps to calm me knowing my animal is satisfied with adventurous days out. Now i can focus on me deeper.

I managed to go most of the day without coffee. But now Im indoors it is so easy to pour a cup. It makes me tired and tight chested. because I’m not moving and my mind is racing. What shall what shall i do? Instead of  going with the flow. I need to play my guitar soon. Its out of tune and a string missing. Theres to much stuff here I can’t wait to be in a caravan with nothing but the bare minimum.

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    charlottecarter93 9 months ago

    Nice recommendation. Absolutely. Thank you. Looking forward to communicating more with you. Lets enjoy our weekend.

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