i honestly don’t know what to put here. i’m a sad female. i’m straight and i just need happiness. a friend? i don’t know. i’m struggling with family issues and personal issues but that doesn’t mean i can’t pause my own problems and find time to talk to you.


if anyone has any advice on how to help me get better or some resources, that’d be great:)

  1. deadsoulx 2 years ago

    count me in!!
    i’m in a same situation!! sad depressed – for no reason!! family issues? not that much!!
    i hope life becomes a bit fair to us!

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  2. halonutshell 2 years ago

    Im in a similar state of mind. I’ve had depression for 12 or so years, but now I’m getting treated for ADD and Anxiety which are all new to me. It’s difficult to find people going through similar stuff!

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