The words are flowing through the mind of the reader as their thoughts are entranced in the beautiful rhythm created by the unremitting writer (going on 3 sleepless nights of course).  In honesty the heart of the reader has found reasons to relate to the glorious poem lying before them, they find that a sympathetic apprehension continues to delight them. All the feelings expressed within these very words as though an artist blessed by the very heavens had sent down a muse to inspire the inquiry of ones sleepless wonder to be put forth on paper in this most excellent epic stanza.


These words go something like so:


The darkness slowly drifts into the night as a blanket of fog covers the dreamers gaze


Slipping away amongst a world filled with queer ideas and;

Swimming in a sea of what’s well known to the unknown


As thoughts wander the possibilities, this sleepless agony becomes an adventure to behold


The search begins for the answers to unwary questions dwelling in the depths of the heart,

Finding more than just the imaginable, the search leads the mind through an ongoing journey to the endless world of dreams

A paradox now open as travel leads deeper into the strangeness of familiar surroundings where memories still remain in a sound slumber

Slightly alarming discontent finds it’s way through this well-worn path

Marked by many footsteps and traces of what ‘s been lost now linger on in this hypnotic trap

While the dreamer’s eyes dare to flutter in resentment regarding recently found uncertainty

Treacherous visions scamper across the blank screen facing the surface of the subconscious

Fretfulness stirs the physical being from an unassailable state of euphoria

Then lids fluttering back tears, escaping gasps indulging the very state of being;

The sun greets the morning with a wide-eyed stare filled with disturbed contemplation’s running amid the moral mind

And barely fleeing the awoken dreamer “good morning sunshine” behold the words of this very morning; the savior of the night

Tempting imagination once again a fresh toke seduces the fragile mind

Luring visions and chanting voices it’s the inspiration struggling to portray these rapidly unhinging thoughts

Dancing in the shadows of chaotic intellect awaiting sense to come forth and bring about a comprehensive masterpiece to senselessly flow written on paper

Perpetually anticipating the birth of an unattained art lurking just beyond the grasp of conception

Reawakening the liberated will to boundless stride amongst the chillingly manic occasion of this endless thinking

On sleepless motivation and irrational epiphanies fed by starvation, the mind warping loneliness leads down an entirely captivating rabbit hole pronouncing the climax of the first acquit satisfaction known;

Completion brought forth in one final comatose thrust the imagined bliss is finished

This thought provoking creation is the result of pure insanity in which only a writer surely can behold so dearly


A cursed treasure slowly splitting ones only source of lucid sanity



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