When I was 7 years old, I was walking my dog around 8 at night and it was really dark. A black CRV pulled up behind me and 6 guys got out and I told my dog to “go home” cause that was a command and so my dog took off running to my house and the people didn’t care about the dog. They started towards me and one of them pulled out a blade and told the other’s to get me. I had my own switch blade for defense, I tried to hold them off but they eventually pulled me down and they beat me up really badly. They basically dumped me off in a alley and then my group of friends found me and brought me to their house because they knew that my parents didn’t care about me.

With a whole lot of stuff happening at my house, I barely can be in the house so I sleep and live basically outside or at one of my friends house.

In my neighborhood we have 2 big groups, we think of ourselves as a gang but I promise were not. The other group that am not in is all rich and has everything and the group am in is poor and knows how to survive. So we fight all the time and the other group always jumps my group and its dangerous. We haven’t gotten the police involved cause we don’t want the police involved.

I’ve been Jumped many times, but this time was the worst. I can’t talk more of this, so bye.


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