Hey! The name’s Tip! I go by They/Them pronouns and I identify as panromantic asexual.

I’m just your local Willow, Bunny, Roblox: Piggy Safe Place Group, Piggy: Chapter 10 (Mall) Group, Minitoon, PghLFilms, and Bayla Onades stan. (Yeah, I stan a lot of people. ;-;)

I have DID, and we call ourselves the Moon system. Our members are:

Lily: Body Co-owner. Caretaker. (She/They)

Trent: Trauma keeper, little. (He/Him)

Ace: Protector. (He/They)

Dalia: Gatekeeper. (She/It)

Payton: Trauma keeper, little. (They/Them)

We’re quite chaotic, but we go with the flow. (I have some seriously funny stories my friends have told me about these guys, especially Ace.)

Along with DID, I have ADHD, C-PTSD,mild anxiety, tics, and mild depression. 

I can be mildly annoying, and I type at a neutral speed. When I’m tired, I type slowly. I misspell a lot of things, so I apologize if that annoys anyone.
My main interests are: Roblox, Minecraft, Ninjago, music, anything in the art category, and Danganronpa.
I enjoy role-playing quite a lot, and have quite a few OCs.
My favorite song at the moment is: Once In A Dream by In The City
My favorite show at the moment is: Craig of The Creek
My triggers are:
-Yelling, screaming, etc. (Caps are okay.)
-Inappropriate Gacha.
-My comfort characters being put into inappropriate things.
-Being pressured to any extent.
My comforts are:
Comfort characters:
-Willow (Roblox: Piggy)
-Bunny (Roblox: Piggy)
-Any of the Safe Place members. (Roblox: Piggy)
-Any of the Mall members. (Roblox: Piggy)
-Kokichi Oma/Ouma (Danganronpa)
-Kaede Akamatsu (Danganronpa)
-K1-B0, Keebo/Kiibo (Danganronpa)
Comfort songs:
Once In A Dream by In The City
This is Home by Cavetown
Heart Shaped Box by Neovaii
That’s it! I’m glad to meet you! Now, have a snack of your choice and pat yourself on the back! You’re going great! Keep going, my friend!
Have a fantastic rest of your day!

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  1. sanatee 11 months ago

    Hi. I dont know what most of that means but welcome.

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