Morning all. Hope everyone is enjoying the "lovely" weather – how did it ever get so hot? (Global warming?)

John was off work yesterday, and we had a nice day. Actually did a little shopping in the early afternoon (something I rarely do) and it felt good to get out. We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and talking and watched a movie toward evening. I don\'t know if it was the movie or my mood, but I actually sat through it without getting up 10 times to walk around or go have a cigarette! Slept like a baby last night and woke up feeling really positive. I am so grateful for this stretch of little anxiety, but as usual, I\'m waiting for the other shoe to fall. Will see what happens next weekend – John is going to go to my son\'s house in Milwaukee to help them with their kitchen remodel. He thinks he should drive home Saturday night to be with me, then drive back on Sunday. But I told hime he should stay there for the weekend, and let me see how I do. I think it might be good for me to see how I hsndle being alone for a couple of days. Besides, I have all of you right here, so I\'m really not alone 🙂 I know that if things get out of hand, I can call him and he can be back home in an hour and a half, but I am really going to try to enjoy myself – maybe read a book or watch a "chick flick" or 2. We\'ll see how it goes, you may hear more from me than you want to next weekend, so here\'s a heads up!

We\'re going to take a shot at going to see a movie today (another of my trepidacious areas) and maybe hit the farmer\'s market. Tomorrow night we are going to my sister-in-law\'s for dinner, always a fun thing for me, and it would really be nice to wake up on Monday knowing that I got through a whole weekend without anxiety being the main event! Wish me luck and I hope everybody can do something that makes you happy today!

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  1. Shelley5716 10 years ago

    Yeaaaaa!!!! So glad u had a great day and a good nite\'s sleep … keep thinking positive … keep getting out and living life … saying a prayer for ur venture out!!!

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