I have been trying to get into a good support group for awhile now. (for ocd and depression mainly). but havent had too much luck. i got into an anxiety class, which is ok, but i\'ve learned most of the topics discussed already and the man has somewhat of a strange appoach. but he does help alot of people though. the thing is that its not really a group. more of a class. there is some interaction. but minimal to what a group would most likely be.

i\'ve never done too well in groups, but going to this class has showed me that i could do it if the people in the group had similar issues as me.

i wonder what it would be like if someone were to take a cetain region and create a meetup type group for people on the site. i mean yea, it would have to be split into many regions as people are so far apart. but wouldnt that be a good idea though? then people could meet and talk to the people they know on here(and our friends with lol…or not…maybe it would bring people together). and maybe the whole focus wouldnt have to be just on mental illness, but do some things for entertainment as well.

idk…just a thought. i am having no luck making any friends in cali in the 5 months i have lived here so far and it would be nice to have a friend or 2 that understands a little about my issues. also the support group would be a great thing i think. we could all just talk openly….

or if anything, maybe do another skype type of group, where there is no demand for just me to be there all the time…just an open room where anyone can come and go as they please.

anyways, let me know what you think….



  1. ohumawkward 11 years ago

    It seems to me that a lot of people on this site live in California, so you might be able to set up something.

    I live in Texas, and I know I would like to go to a support group, but I don\'t think I could. I live in such a small town area, that I would hate if anyone found out about a lot of the thoughts/problems I have. I guess I\'m more a fan of the anonymity of the internet.

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  2. SunraySheryl 11 years ago

    Great idea, though I\'m in WA state.

    I used to lead support/therapy groups all the time, and would enjoy doing so again.

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