I never asked for ANY of this. Nor, did I deserve it …

I had a future. I had hopes, goals, dreams. He stole it all. Raped my heart and desecrated my dreams.

And you enabled this. You thought it funny to exploit the worst tragedy of my life. I pity you.

Kidnapped. Raped. Exposed. Humiliated. Damaged. And no one missed a breath.

He tried to take my life; and in some ways he did. It will never be the same. Over a virus, I can’t give you.

Educate Yourselves.

It wasn’t funny to publish my status on social media. Or the years of harassment, threats, hostile work environments. Lies scald. I speak the truth.

I had to tell you my status. But, where are my protections? Why so ignorant? In this IT age?

Yes, I have P.T.S.D. Its a fancy word for traumatized. I’m not dangerous. I’m not violent. I’m not suicidal.

Please Educate Yourselves.

When you see everyone laughing at someone else’s expense. Maybe, you should stop and think…Man up

How would you feel to be Shunned? Hated? Discriminated Against?

All over a virus, you couldn’t share. Contagious? No, I’m undetectable. (((((((*Google it.*))))))What good friends we might have been. What a shame, what a loss. I’ll brush it off, and be ok. I’m used to the ignorance by now.

Don’t burden me with your projections. I’ve faced hell, although I’m scarred; I’m alive. I’m learning how to live, while knowing my fate… The fate that’s beyond my control. So, before you judge. I’ll protect myself. I’m sorry if you don’t see my value. I know my worth. With or without you.



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