Over the years I have heard of many stories of this thing called viruses and what it can do to a human  body, but virus is always in our body (the natural ones). Man made viruses are dangerous just like this one we suffering from.

I was diagnosed at a early age, but I never care much about this virus in my body, until I look at my daughter and remember that I have to see her grow up and be a lady before I can give up on life. Cause I never have that mothers love. Still wish for it until today. My daughter is my inspiration in life now, what love i did not get, i pure it all on her, love love love and more love.

I have try many herbs so far and they help my body so much, without taking medication with all the side effects, I come to realize that the natural things in life help in every ways there is, back in the early days everyone used to used herbs to cure any form of diseases, until man’s who think they have power or control over humans life started to push natural things aside for their own used, and created all these pills and liquids call medication that is used to kill us slowly but surely.

Everytimes someone comes across a treatment for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) they kill them, why? I believe there is a cure and I pray every day that God blessed me with the right combination of these herbs I am trying on myself, to cure this virus in my body.

I suffer from depression and anxiety disorder, I was not able to think until I started my own treatment with herbs, I used to feel like it’s my last day to live with my breath feels like it’s leaving my body, I used to sleep so much that my body could not do much like walking to the bathroom or standing up. And I could not tell my families what happening with me cause I was afraid of discrimination, and still have that feelings. It’s hard to share your status with people who don’t understand anything about the virus, cause of the rumors that is there, it’s hard to have a honest relationship with others who don’t have the virus or sometimes we think they don’t have it. But it’s good to feel out some one by asking them what they think about HIV, then you will know how the feels or think about it. I was blessed to meet my husband on a hiv dating site. Cause I could not live with myself not being honest about my status.

I hope I can help others on this site and meet a few of you in person, I need friends who understand and who is hiv like myself, I hope I can make some feel comfortable with life and be happy about the facts of this man made viruses is curable!

Looking for the comments and would love to hear others story and also how the virus affects their honest way of living.

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  1. cuddly-nightshade01 2 years ago

    Skullcap tea, and Essiac Tea seem to be helpful herbs. I do believe the natural way is the best. And these strong medications are not necessarily healthy in the long run. I’ve experienced some pretty uncomfortable side effects of these.. from dental, neurological, to psychological, to physical changes. And the doctors are very reluctant to say the medications are causing these problems. But when we take medications to treat a problem, aren’t we supposed to feel better/not worse?…

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