So it won’t be long till Jay and I move to Palmdale. Which is about an hour from my current job. I timed it and that was in fair traffic. But I was still willing to make the commute to the SFV for my job. I love my job.

But now, my friendship w/my best friend is becoming a cause for concern w/the company my company shares space with. They complained to my bosses about something they thought I did. They think I am breaking some sort of "confidentiality" code when it comes to their company. Which is complete and utter BS! Not to mention they stold business from our company and now they want to talk about ethics? Please! They can cover their BS in chocolate and eat it for all I care. But now their putting stress on my best friend about what we talk about in our personal time and our personal lives and stressing her. She doesn’t even work for their freaking company anymore! Our personal conversations are NONE of their business.

So now I’m at the point where I am about to seek legal counsel about the manner. Because if this "person" is reading conversations from my work computer and from my messenger it is a breach of security concerning my company – regardless of weather or not I should be talking on messenger while at work. Besides I do that on my breaks, my free time… and if my company does not want me on messenger (which I know it isn’t an issue because my boss is on it all day and on facebook, she even added me to her friends list) my company can tell me so.

I’m just so tired of super pricks trying to pressure others into answers that they want to hear rather than the truth!

But what it comes down to is this… me staying at my post is un-needed stress for myself. Me staying is major gas money and major miles. It would be more beneficial for me to find a job out in Palmdale. My old company even moved out there, which is a bit convenient. I’m just so fed up with this company that we share space with. Their so immature. Un-professional and just rude. I go out of my way to be nice to them, even after they stold business from us by encroaching in our territory, and they wanna act like this? From now on, their tech’s can park on the streets for all I care!

Any advice concerning what I should do or how I should approach the situation would be great! Should I look into taking it to court? I mean the "owner" of the other business is making threats to my friend that if he finds out I am saying anything (which I am now) that he’s going to take it to my bosses and try to have me relieved of my position. I know I shouldn’t be worried cause I don’t say anything but at the same time I am tired of him saying the things he does and causing the issues he does. I feel it may be just that someone finally "put a bee in his bonnet" so to speak. So he learns how to behave in a professional setting and to stop being a "trouble maker".


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  1. sadjac 13 years ago

    HI there.

    That sounds like a really horrible situation. Some employers can be soo iffy about confidenitality sometimes. If they got to fire you i would definiatly concider getting a lawyer..

    Good luck with that.

    xxx jac.

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