Wai hallo there everybody! I had a bad day today but i feel really awesome right now. I cracked open a fuzzy duck (cooler type thing) and have my music cranked. I feel great.

My neghbours above me are of course partying really loud again but my music is drowning them out so is all good.

Tuesday I have my second therapy appt. So after doing my "homework" for it. I apparentyl have extremely debilitating anxiety. I was like… wtf? Thats not possible because I go to school and function relatively well. So I have decided that the anxiety scale is flawed!! So this is a lesson to be careful waht tests you take! Not everything has good psychometric properties. Omgoodness that was a lot of words!

On wendsday I have my first psychiatrist appt. I’m hopeing to get a med change cause these side effecfs suck. Its unfortunate because I now have a reputation of being really laid back, not the uptight bitch I was before. Is sad that these side effects are too much to handle 🙁

Hmmmm what else is new in rachie world?   Hmmmmmmmmm Friday I went and got groceries for the first time in 3 weeks. Not only could I afford food BUT my mom had sent me grocery store money! SO I got lots of awesome food and it was great. I also picked up some alchy, hence my current inebriated state! uhhhhh What else…..

The training phase of my research study (which isn’t even mine but I have to do it for some dumb schitt undergrads) is done and now only testing and data entry are left. Its super awesome.   I’ve got a paper due friday and I have NO idea how i’m going topass it. I’ve always been horrible at witing papers.

SO yeah this totally seems like me just takign about nothing to no one in particular. Kinda pathetic but I’m bored and happy for once. I’d share it with my boyfriend but he’s doing homework right now and I don’t want to interrupt him; he needs to get it done.

Alright that was fun. Should blog more often when in a good mood!

Lots of Love to any and All



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