I have found out in recent days the woman my ex has been hanging with, or whatever you may call it has  like 5 or 6 felonies on her record in the past year and a half, and hasn't  been off house arrest long. It just floors me as well as some of his family that he can't make time for his own son but can spend hours of the day hanging with her, if not with her his other drug friends. Both kids knowing friends in the area where he always is knows what he's doing and who all he hangs with, so I do sit and talk t them and just be stright about what is happening and going on….their teenagers so at some point you have to stop covering up for a dad that seems to be more out of there life then in. I seen him over at her house on Monday I was taking pics to prove to others that I know what's going on and that it's hard to keep someone from seeing there kids when their head is up everyone else's ass. Needless to say he walked outside and asked me what I was doing, and I just chewed into him about all the lies he's telling people and the fact the he'd rather hang with a bunch of trash, drug addicts, and a girl who has all these felonies on her from larceny. He didn't have anything further to say and she didn't even open her mouth. When I got home I explained to my kids what happened (I'm very honest and open with my kids they been lied to for years from people and I think it's best to hear the truth from me then others lieing about what happens and what is said) my daughter got somewhat ill at me told me everybody knows he stupid and acts stupid doesn't mean you have to act stupid. But I explained to her I have chewed him out what two times since all this started 6 months ago and that when she becomes a mom and sees the disappointment, hurt, sadness, and anger in her kids she will understand why sometimes you have to tell someone off and let them know how selfish they are to others feelings. I've lost my youth to this one guy I fall in love with, I've lost so much money to help him out, but that's okay because in the end I always bounce back and get back on my feet and even if I loose my house for letting him back in our lives I'll get over it and learn another lesson because I'll still have my kids and that's what matters. But the pain he has caused the kids, the abandonment, the feeling that they feel no love for him, that is my focus in life to let them heal and know that I will always be there for them. But no matter what I always let them know that he loves them, he just not the dad they know right now and he may get his life together but he may not. That they have to continue to move on and do things with friends and family that keeps you busy and not worrying about everything and everyone else……..


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