The Nightmares are BACK….

I have these horrific nightmare’s in which they are so real I can not tell whether I am awake or sleeping. Even though its the same dream it fits my surroundings which is why I cant tell if I am awake or not..

So this is my dream…….. I am Asleep in my bed….(whichever one I may be in) I wake up to find there is someone in my room… I cannot see him….(I Know its a him from the energy)… I try to switch a light on but they do not work…. I aim for the door to leave but cannot.. I hide under my blanket to find him coming after me…..I know I am dreaming so wake myself up to find myself in my room….. only there are no lights and he is still there.. I scream only I cant He stopes me when I try to leave the room. the fear I have is so unreal so I hurt myself to see if I am dreaming.. this can go on all night and I cannot escape from him no matter how much further I get out of the room or house he stops me.. I have physically hurt myself to wake up.. I have bitten myself so hard its bled… I am scared to go to sleep as I am scared I will not wake up I always have to fight to wake up for real and its so hard staying awake as it feels like something is pulling me back into sleep.. There is more to it than that but I’d be here all day..

I repeatedly have this dream and yet I struggle to control it.. I have on a few occasions won this battle and in real I have been locken in a room with no lights and raped repeatedly but even before that happened I had these dreams.. so it was not just a warning to that its something more.. But What ………

I have dreams of things to come and this is not one of them… I have suffered with it since I was a child and no one seems to take it seriously..I could never share my bed with someone in case I hurt them as I hurt my sister once..

I dont know what to do anymore…..


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