The patterns of human existence and survival have shifted so dramatically over the last twenty to fifty years that at least two generations have been utterly disconnected from a way of life that connected humanity to the earth in a manner that caused human beings to instinctively respect the earth. In turn, the earth gave healing and life to our souls which are housed in layers of her clay. That disconnect has brought about an ignorance and disrespect that bores into the soul of humanity and is described by the American Medical Association as Depression. There is a way back, and that way involves reconnecting with the earth, not dulling ones connection even more by the ingestion of drugs, whether illegal or prescribed by an allopathic physician. Incidentally, the term allopathic literally means to go against nature.
Just one example of these changing patterns is the way we obtain meat. Today, we drive to Wal-Mart and buy our ground beef in a plastic wrap – a packaged food product – understanding nothing about the process of life that was given to provide us with this valued meat. The process of slaughtering animals and butchering the meat is a very important age old skill that has, for the most part, been lost. With the passing of the skill something of even greater value has fallen by the wayside and that is our connection to the life we take in order to eat meat. Teaching yourself and your young adult children how to process your own animals for food can have a profound impact on your lives. It will radically change your perspective on life and provide you with a clear understanding of the importance and place you hold in this temporal realm of existence.
Meat has historically been one of the most valued commodities to give and receive. In tribal communities when someone important came to visit, an animal was slaughtered and prepared with great ceremony to honor the visitors and serve the guests the very best offering – it was a charity and a sign of great respect. People were honored to offer their sheep for the occasion and even more honored to process it themselves – placing their own good energy into the meat. Otherwise, among tribal communities, meat was a fairly rare commodity for most people. Today we may honor our guests with a barbeque, but the understanding of where that meat came from is gone. Meat is now just packaged food, although still very much valued.


Young people were always involved in the process of raising, slaughtering and eating meat. This process gave more than nutrition to the human body; it also connected the soul with the concepts of life and death. These animals that were raised and gave their lives to serve humanity understood their service better than we can imagine. To every physical act, there is a spiritual outcome. For most children today the only reference to death and dying is sitting behind a video screen killing thousands of animated human figures or watching the nightly news and understanding that their games are being played out around the world without conscience.  
The idea of animal sacrifice to somehow appease God is a ludicrous notion steeped in imagination and twisted religious rituals – the offering of a blood sacrifice. God is not in need of blood or a sacrifice. Animal sacrifice is a process of dedicating the butchering of an animal to Him for the charitable benefit of mankind. Man benefits, not God. It is a blessing and a process that connects people to life – not taking life. Just like the ear of corn was created for the benefit of mankind and is sacrificed, really honored, when taken from the stalk to feed a noble human being, animals that are raised and eaten understand fully what their purpose in creation is and are actually honored when taken. Providing much more honor to serve mankind than to be eaten by a wolf or dying naturally – as corn rotting on the stalk. 
Slaughtering a sheep in the proper manner and with full respect for that living creature, for a troubled teen or adult who suffers from depression and is considering taking their own life will quickly halt those notions and immediately change their understanding of life – connecting and grounding them to reality. The process of taking life – having now seen the life leave an animal and the actual peace that descends on the action and persons involved, has a profound and lasting impact on a persons life. If you have witnessed the process of slaughtering an animal before and have not felt the peace descend or that it was a very natural process, then it was done improperly and the meat is spoiled as it often is spoiled when killing in such violent ways. Factory processed meat is poison for the soul and body, a reason why many people have rightly opted to become vegetarians. Consuming no meat is better than the bad energy factory meat we ingest by the tons.
So many children and adults have lost touch with why they are alive – what purpose they serve in creation and who they are. When properly performed, processing a sheep can be a profound, life-changing experience that once was a normal part of our lives. You can commission the independent studies if you have the time and resources, but know that children who are raised on farms and are processing animals and connected to real life issues are much less prone to depression and suicidal tendencies. They have a much firmer grasp and appreciation for life and why they are alive.


If you have tried everything else for your troubled teen and have failed to find them real help – you might want to consider this age-old common and very natural experience to help ground yourself or child. As a requirement for this healing process to take full effect, the entire animal (meat) should then be given away – as charity heals and the energy or blessings that come from the process of charity provides enormous protection. You and your child will immediately connect to the meaning and purpose of life. This can and will be a life changing event. At the very least you will have acquired a survival skill that will help provide you with fresh locally grown meat that is far more healthy and safe than that plastic tube full of meat from perhaps a thousand different cows that you buy from Wal-Mart.


This used to be common knowledge – it is now all but lost. We are doing our best to help revive this age old wisdom in an age where depression and suicide are running rampant.
My wife and I are Sufi healers and have seen this process help many people. It is from the noble knowledge of prophets, sages, saints, holy (whole) people who serve the Creator of All Things. We would especially like to see noble Native American children experience and benefit from this process and reconnect to the Creator and the ways of their noble ancestors. It is critically important that the process be performed properly; otherwise the outcome can be negative. Worth repeating – it is critically important to do this with someone trained in the proper way to slaughter an animal and may impart spiritual wisdom into the process.
One such program is offered at: The expenses for the animal (recommended to be a lamb) must be fully covered, but their services are free and solely based on charitable contributions as the participant sees fit. They are certain that you will experience a profound change in yourself and or your child’s life and will see immediate results and benefits that this experience provides.
Call them to schedule an appointment. 505.583-2732 or e-mail them at: [email protected]


There is no strength and no power accept in the Creator of All Things.

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